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Preserved Roses for indoor decoration

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Preserved Roses for indoor decoration

The decoration of indoor and outdoor spaces is essential for creating intimate, attractive, individual environments where you can feel at ease.

Today, we are going to talk about floral decoration with preserved roses and how we can incorporate these beautiful flowers into the aesthetics of any kind of space. A preserved rose or a mix of flowers and plants createfloral art compositions which are different, original and, above all, adapted to the personal taste of each person.

The importance of good decoration in the home

Our home is the private and personal space where we feel safe and relaxed. It is where we can rest and be with family and friends. A home is the private place which we ourselves have created to feel good. One of the keys to feeling good is the right plant decoration; a fresh plant, a flower arrangement

Arriving home after work to open the door to find a desolate, dirty place, without curtains, badly lit, unorganised, and with an unpleasant temperature, is different to coming home to a relaxed place, with plants, flowers, floral compositions, and positive energy.

However, decoration does not only play an important role in the home; the office, warehouse, shop or any workplace is improved by simply adding a beautiful bunch of roses to the work table. Decoration plays an essential role in creating the right atmosphere to make us feel good, comfortable, secure, optimistic…in every moment.

The latest decorative and floral trends are based on a much more minimalist style than before. This kind of simple and dramatic decoration, in which every piece and element has its own space, eliminates excessive decoration and leaves only the necessary pieces, which have a double role: functional and decorative.

Within the minimalist styles, Feng-shui is the style that has enjoyed the most popularity: in order to achieve harmony, each piece of furniture and each object has to serve a purpose. Flowers and plants are essential to create harmony, happiness, and calm in the home.

Creating ambiences with preserved roses

It is not possible to have fresh plants in certain rooms or spaces: bedrooms, rooms without natural light, hospitals, nurseries, etc. However, it is possible to create intimate, individual, pleasant, and different ambiences by decorating with preserved flowers.

Would you like to create an intimate corner in your living room, where you can read, write, and relax? Find inspiration with a beautiful bunch of roses on your table. You won’t have to look for a place with sunlight, water them or replace them frequently. And they are just as beautiful as freshly cut flowers, or even more so!

Preserved roses are the quintessential decorative flowers which, with their presence and multitude of colours, can create different spaces full of beauty and harmony.

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