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Preserved trees: Phoenix Palm

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arboles preservados en interiores la Palma Phoenix - Verdissimo

Preserved trees: Phoenix Palm

The Phoenix Palm is widely used as a preserved tree in public places such as airports and hotels or as the main element in floral decoration or in plant and floral compositions of all kinds.

arboles preservados en interiores la Palma Phoenix - Verdissimo

The Phoenix Palm has many other common names such as date palm and common palm. It is one of the most commonly used palms in floral art due to its beauty and strength. Discover the Phoenix Palm at Verdissimo; it is one of our most popular preserved trees thanks to their endless possibilities in floral art.

This tree belongs to the palmaceae or arecaceae family. They are native to North Africa and Western Asia.

They grow in all of Arabia as far as the Persian Gulf. There they can be found forming dreamy oases. This tree is also very common in the Canary Islands, in the most northern Mediterranean countries and in the south of the United States of America.

The exact origin of the name is not known. According to some experts, this tree was first discovered by the Greeks in Phoenicia. Others, however, maintain that the name comes from the fact that their leaves resemble the Phoenix bird.

They have a very long and slender trunk. They can reach heights of up to 30 meters. They have eye-catching pinnate green or blue-green leaves (20 or 30 per tree) which curve downwards. They bloom in spring and their fruit – dates – ripen in autumn, one year after they bloom. These palms live between 250 and 300 years.

Uses for the Phoenix Palm

  • Due to their beauty and colourfulness, they are often used as an ornamental tree
  • Dates are the fruit of the palm tree. They are a highly valued product and are often used in gastronomy. They are a staple food in many parts of North Africa and Asia.
  • In order to ripen the fruit need temperatures above 40º and a lot of water, this is why they are sometimes irrigated crops.
  • The Phoenix Palm is extremely resistant. They adapt to all kinds of soil so long as there is humidity and they are close to the sea.
  • They are found in all kinds of urban landscapes, in isolation or in rows
  • They represent peace in the Christian culture
  • In ancient times palm leaves were a symbol of victory

Preserved trees and floral decoration with preserved plants and flowers are perfect for obtaining long-lasting, beautiful, and natural results. See how easy it is to enjoy unique environments and floral art creations with natural preserved flowers.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved trees!

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