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Problems you won’t have with your preserved flowers

Verdissimo World

Problems you won’t have with your preserved flowers

Verdissimo’s preserved nature is 100% natural, long-lasting and is spectacularly beautiful. Thanks to this exclusive and innovative preservation technique, treated flowers and plants maintain their properties intact for a long time, even managing to last for years with hardly any maintenance or special care. This is why they are unbeatable value for money!

What benefits do preserved plants offer?

Preservation consists of the substitution of the plant’s sap with a plant-based biodegradable liquid, which the plant absorbs through the stem or the root. This preservation system, which is ecological and economical, allows plants to conserve their original colour and texture and gives them a fresh and natural appearance. They are perfect for all kinds of interior decoration and for the most exquisite floral compositions!

And, what is most important: plants that have undergone this treatment hardly need maintenance or special care, water or sunlight for their conservation. With preserved plants and flowers you will forget these inconveniences:

  • Necessity for cool and fresh temperatures both indoors and outdoors. The contrast between hot and cold is very harmful to plants.
  • Light is necessary but be careful! You should protect your plants from direct sunlight and from over-exposure.
  • Constant watering. Water is essential for plants to live. With cut flowers, the water should be changed often and for some species on a daily basis.
  • Plants and flowers need to be fertilized constantly as their nutrients are what keep them alive.
  • Cleaning, which involves removing excess leaves and branches, is also important. Special attention should be given to the parts that are in contact with water to avoid rotting and the generation of bacteria.
  • Being close to other plants like vegetables or fruit can make flowers wither due to the gases that these products emit. To avoid both deteriorating, they should be kept a certain distance from each other.
  • In order for fresh flowers to remain in top condition it is necessary to change the underlying layer of soil every now and then.

All of this maintenance requires time, the adequate materials and special conditions, which are not always possible to acquire.

Also, an obvious fact should be kept in mind: flowers are alive. If they are cut, they will die. The lifespan of a flower, even the most resistant, can be prolonged for a maximum of a few days.

The care that fresh flowers need is obviously not necessary in the case of preserved flowers. Also, that thanks to this conservation technique, you can have access to exotic or out-of-season species, which are difficult or impossible to obtain as live plants. Take a look at our new catalogue and check it out! Begin to enjoy the possibilities of long-lasting, high-quality plant and floral decoration with Verdissimo’s flowers and plants.

At Verdissimo you will find an incredible variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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