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Professional tips for decorating with preserved flowers

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Professional tips for decorating with preserved flowers

Preserved flowers have all the beauty of fresh flowers but, unlike fresh flowers, they practically last forever. Their durability and the fact that they hardly need maintenance makes them the perfect decorative element.

Increasingly, interior decoration and gardening experts are opting for floral art with preserved flowers and plants.

The elixir of eternal youth

Preserved plants are cut plants which have undergone a 100% natural, plant-based treatment, which allows them to maintain their characteristics and properties for a long time.

The process is as follows: the plants and flowers are cut at the moment when they are most radiant and beautiful. Then they are put into special containers and a liquid which is made from natural products is added. This liquid is absorbed by the plant, replacing the sap. When this process is complete, the plant is dehydrated and after a few days the flower is cleaned and a quality control inspection is carried out. The stabilizzation process is complete.

The stabilizzation process is relatively simple and the results are spectacular. When you give someone a preserved rose, you will have the security of knowing that it is not going to wilt in a few days. How would you like to have a pretty tree or plant in your living room and to enjoy it without having to water it? Or would you like to make floral compositions without the needing to change them all the time?

Advantages of preserved flowers

As you can imagine, preserved plants and flowers have infinite possibilities. They can be used in any living space and ambience and their decorative advantages are undeniable:

  • Incredibly natural beauty and appearance. They are long lasting and this is the main difference with fresh flowers, whose life span is very short. Because of this, you can create any kind of flower arrangement and it will remain exquisite for a long time.
  • They do not need any kind of maintenance or watering. They keep their natural and beautiful appearance for a long time, regardless of the place or weather where they are kept. They are perfect for floral decoration in places with or without natural light.
  • They are perfect for decorating hotels, restaurants, offices and generally any space that needs to be decorated all the time. Preserved flowers are especially recommended when holding events and celebrations.
  • They allow you to keep a very special memento. Would you like to keep your bridal bouquet for a long time? Or your Mother´s Day roses? Now it is possible to keep your most beautiful memories alive and convert them into something that lasts so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

Enjoy floral art” with preserved plants and flowers and make every corner of your house special.

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