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Psychological benefits of plants for people

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Psychological benefits of indoor preserved plants - Verdissimo

Psychological benefits of plants for people

Did you know plants influence the mood of people? We are not always aware of the benefits of plants, of everything they influence in our mood and therefore, our health.

Psychological benefits of indoor preserved plants - Verdissimo

What effect do plants have on people?

The presence of flowers and preserved indoor plants in the home or in the workplace has highly beneficial consequences:

  • They Reduce stress: Few things are as relaxing as caring for plants, contemplating them or creating beautiful floral compositions with different types of leaves and flowers.
  • They reduce absenteeism: this fact has not gone unnoticed by companies. It has been proven that the presence of plants and flowers in offices contributes to the reduction of absenteeism, it increases the efficiency of workers, and improves their productivity level and mood.
  • They increase the level of concentration, comprehension, and availability at work, also in study, this is why they are also recommended to be placed in offices or places of study.
  • They contribute to the reduction of negative feelings. Plants favor the reduction of fear, irritability, or anger.
  • They generate more endorphins: The sight of flowers and plants contributes to the liberation of endorphins in our body, known as well as the “happiness glands”. This increases the well-being feeling, positive energy and ultimately, makes us predisposed to carry out activities, to be well, and to feel comfortable with others.
  • They favor a faster recovery: the benefits of indoor plants are not only limited to the private work environment. Many doctors and health experts agree that plants and flowers help in the recovery process of patients and make convalescence more bearable.

Psychological Benefits of plants

The psychological benefits of plants are numerous. In the previous section, we gave you a brief introduction by citing them above: they increase the level of concentration and decrease the level of concentration. But this does not end here. After all, plants are alive and need certain care. Even preserved plants require a minimum of car, such as: removing dust, avoiding sunlight…relatively simple care that helps people to have certain responsibilities on a day-to-day basis.

But the psychological benefits do not end there. They relieve tensions in the environment, they also keep us company, they can help us socialize, since we will talk about them and their care to others, etc.

Within the psychological benefits of plants, we want to talk to you about chromotherapy, a healthy and natural stimulant that studies the effect of colors over an organism to use them for therapeutic purposes. Thanks to this technique we know that the color blue has relaxing power, red increases energy, and vitality, yellow is associated with increased memory, attention, intelligence, or learning. Green is the color of nature, the one that keeps us in contact with the environment, and is used as a palliative for sleep, heart, or high blood pressure problems.

To all these benefits must be added another much more obvious: its decorative power. Any interior space gains personality and is instantly enhanced by a beautiful floral decoration.

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What is the meaning of plants in psychology?

In psychology, plants symbolize our own life. They can symbolize two parts of our life: the first is our professional path and the second is our individual life, that is, our personal growth.

We hope we have helped you learn about the benefits of indoor plants. At Verdissimo you will find an immense variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of interior decoration advisers. Discover the advantages of preserved flowers and our great product catalog!

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