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The rainbow rose of Verdissimo

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Rosa Arcoiris de Verdissimo

The rainbow rose of Verdissimo

Since the launch of the rainbow rose on heads, the positive response from the public was immediate to the point where, for several months after its launch, the product was sold out, as orders exceeded our capacity to respond to the volume of demand. This situation led us to improve a lot, and not only to improve the supply, but also to improve the product and increase our offer.

Rosa Arcoiris de Verdissimo

How did we do it? Offering it with a stem, now we offer an exclusive product which has become a complement of our extensive portfolio of colors for roses with a stem. What do you think?

To what public is the rainbow rose intended for?

This rose is for everyone who wants to gift a little bit of color, it comes in an individual presentation and it’s the ideal gift to celebrate a day full of colors like a birthday, graduation, or any other similar event.

Also, it’s a flower thought for florists and decorators, it’s beautiful and practical to be used in floral compositions, it’s not only easy to unpack, if you buy it in a units pack (30 units), as a professional, you can enjoy a very advantageous price.

Rosa Arcoiris - Flor - Verdissimo

Ramo Rosa Arcoiris - Verdissimo

Rosa Arcoiris - Cubo cristal - Verdissimo

Characteristics of the rainbow rose

One of the main characteristics of this rose is that the center is red and it’s this red center that is surrounded by other colors. This red center generates a consistent effect at the time of making flower bouquets.

About the size, it’s the same size as our standard rose (Rose with a 55cm stem and a head diameter from 5cm to 5,5cm)

Colors of the rainbow rose

Our rainbow rose has a mix of petals in the following colors:

Inglés Español Italiano Francés Alemán
Red Rojo Rosso Rogue Rot
Dark Pink Rosado oscuro Fucsia Rose foncé Dunkelrosa
Dark Blue Azul oscuro Blu buio Bleu foncé Dunkelblau
Warm Yellow Amarillo cálido Giallo caldo jaune soleil warmes gelb
Orange Naranja Arancio Orange Orange
Bright Turquoise Turquesa claro Turchese brillante Turquoise vif Helles Türkis
Lime Green Verde lima Verde lime Vert citron Limettengrün

Care of the rainbow rose

Are you wondering how to take care of the rainbow rose and if you have to do anything special to avoid the colors is getting mixed?

The care is the same as with other preserved flowers: you have to keep them away from the sun and high humidity. You don’t have to water them you just have to dust them from time to time. And about the Colors mixing up, since the petals have very strong colors, the possibility of the color is mixing up is very low, this assures that the beauty of the flower is going to be maintained the same amount of time as other preserved flowers. Normally, the problem of the petals mixing up its colors is when the colors are very soft (white or pastel).

Rosa Arco iris - Packaging- Verdissimo

Can it be combined with other products?

Of course this flower may be combined. This rose is ideal to be used in decorative arrangements where the variety of colors is important. From Verdissimo, the recommendation is to mix this flower with color floral fill, such as Diosmi (Rice flower), lavender, and also stem roses with the same color as the petals.

Are you thinking about buying it? we will have it for mailable at the end of the next month, although if you are already interested you can make your order right now.


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