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Red rose centerpieces

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red rose centerpieces - verdissimo

Red rose centerpieces

If you adore red roses and want to learn how to make centerpieces using red roses, explore some simple and lovely designs that can be made with Verdissimo red roses, and find out the best occasions for using red rose centerpieces, check out our post!

red rose centerpieces - verdissimo

How to make a rose centerpiece

Making a nice centerpiece using roses isn’t as hard as it seems. In this article, we’ll give you the key points for creating one:

  1. Choose a good product: to attain a lovely rose centerpiece, you must choose good natural roses, such as preserved roses, which are completely natural flowers that maintain their beauty over time without needing hardly any maintenance.
  2. Choose a nice pot or vase: the pot or vase where you place the rose centerpiece is key. There are many types of pots, including glass, wooden, iron, etc. It’s essential that you choose the one that best fits with the centerpiece and the space.
  3. Choose the combination of right products: remember that the products you choose to go with the red roses should be suitable. It’s important that these products combine perfectly, including different colored roses, greenery, floral filler, etc.
  4. Choose the right style: to make a rose centerpiece, you must keep in mind the style of the space. You won’t make the same rose centerpiece for a boho-style event as a romantic dinner, for example.

If you keep in mind all the tips we’ve given you… you’re sure to make the perfect red rose centerpiece!

Designs for red rose centerpieces

Below, we’ll show you some of the designs for red rose centerpieces made with Verdissimo products:

1. Design for a monochromatic red rose centerpiece

This is a boho-style wedding centerpiece. It’s a very lovely design that combines two types of flowers, unique in texture and shape, but both red.

2. Design for a red rose centerpiece combined with greenery

This is a centerpiece that uses a single red rose as the main event, which captures our complete attention. This red rose is ideally combined with greenery, creating the perfect color contrast and textures.

When to use rose centerpieces

The best occasions for decorating tables with red rose centerpieces are the following:

  1. Events: some events are ideal for using red rose centerpieces, such as weddings, birthdays, etc. In fact, red rose centerpieces are suitable for all kinds of events, as long as they have a boho-chic decorative style.
  2. Valentine’s Day: red rose centerpieces are also ideal for decorating tables for romantic dinners, especially on Valentine’s Day.

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