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Red roses: The best gift for a reconciliation

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Red roses: The best gift for a reconciliation

Did you make the mistake of going to the football with your mates and now you have spent the last three days sleeping on the sofa? Your deeply offended silence doesn’t work. Neither do your attempts to bury the hatchet by suggesting an Ikea afternoon instead of going to see the Championship finals. Don’t worry! At Verdissimo, we are not marriage councillors, but we know how to get couples to reconcile, better than Cupid himself.

Like everything in life, in order to achieve an objective, you must know to send the right message. Something simple and elegant at the same time. Apologise with flowers! Resorting to flowers as a reconciliation method always works. Faced with red roses, no woman can resist giving a second opportunity. But, if you also make the wise decision to give Verdissimo’s preserved roses, as a sole flower or as part of a pretty floral composition, you won’t need anything else.

The message of flowers

Giving flowers never fails. However, you should take care when choosing them as each flower has a different symbolic meaning. If you don’t choose well, maybe instead of reconciling, you are sending a confused message that could mean moving from the sofa to finding your bags at the door.

For example, if you apologise with only one rose, you could get into more trouble. Your partner doesn’t just want sincerity, but also a little effort and creativity on your behalf.

Based on our experience with fresh flowers, we know that the best way of asking for forgiveness is to give a bouquet of red roses. If, instead of using cut flowers, which wilt after a few days, you give a spectacular bouquet of preserved roses, which can form part of the floral decoration of the living room for a long time, you will surely be forgiven. Don’t forget to include a note of apology and how you plan to improve with the bouquet. Remember that an apology on time avoids the situation getting worse.

But, if despite everything, the situation has gone from bad to worse, you should double your efforts and make your bouquet the best: a dozen red roses means love and gratitude, a bouquet of 25 also has a congratulatory message implied, while one with 50 says: my love in unconditional, whatever happens.

At Verdissimo you will find an incredible variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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