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Restaurant decoration – Trends for 2022-2023

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restaurant decoration trends - verdissimo

Restaurant decoration – Trends for 2022-2023

Restaurant decoration has become one of the main areas of concern for customers. Today, it’s not enough to have a good product, menu and location. Customers demand special atmospheres to wine and dine where they feel comfortable, places that convey feeling and transport them to new worlds.

restaurant decoration trends - verdissimo

At Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers, we’re aware of this. That’s why we’re devoting this post to telling you relevant details about restaurant decoration. In this article, we’ll tell you about restaurant decoration trends for 2022 and give you some ideas for decorating small restaurants. We’ll even go through the main decorative styles that are trending this year.

Restaurant decoration trends in 2022-2023

Pay attention to these restaurant decoration trends in 2022! We’ve crafted a list of the most popular trends in restaurant decoration this season:

Use of greenery

Greenery has become one of the main decorative elements for restaurants in 2022-2023. The interest in incorporating green elements in restaurant interior decoration hasn’t stopped rising. Different formats and designs are continually created, such as a vertical garden for decorating walls, plants and flowers in hanging pots, etc. These designs can be done using different types of plants and flowers, including: artificial, natural or preserved. Decorating a restaurant with preserved flowers is a great option! At Verdissimo, we offer preserved plants and flowers for restaurant decoration, perfect for because they’re natural flowers that maintain their beauty over time without needing hardly any maintenance (they don’t need water or light).

decoracion restaurantes img1 - verdissimo


Ironwork has become another key decorative element this season in restaurant decoration. Ironwork alone offers many possibilities, though it’s often combined with metal to create a striking contrast in materials. This decorative element is related to the industrial style, though in recent years, it’s also been seen in more vintage-style restaurant decoration. Usually, it’s used in lamps, pots, doors, chairs, tables, etc. Any furniture that uses ironwork will be a decorative trend for your restaurant in 2022. Ironwork is so versatile that you can adapt it to today’s trends and your personal tastes.

decoracion restaurantes img2 - verdissimo

Cement tiles

Cement tiles, also known as mosaics, are decorative pieces that can be used on floors or walls. These tiles are very common in 20th-century houses. Although many of them were destroyed, there are still many buildings from this era with them. Today, buildings with cement tiles are maintained and restored, due to their great decorative value, among other things. Currently, cement tiles aren’t only used in home decoration. Every day, more and more restaurants are decorating their bathrooms or some dining room walls with mosaics, which gives lots of personality to any space.

Look at the following image to see what cement tiles look like on walls!

decoracion restaurantes img3 - verdissimo

Hanging lamps

Lamps in general are able to completely turn around the decoration of any space. Hanging lamps are used to decorate restaurants today. There are many different styles and some are used to break up the style of the space, giving it a unique and personal touch. Today, we can see hanging lamps with hand-woven cords for vintage restaurant decoration, hanging lamps with ironwork for more industrial restaurants, hanging lamps made of wicker, aluminum hanging lamps for restaurants with more Nordic decoration, etc. Below we’ll show you hanging lamps with visible lightbulbs.

decoracion restaurantes img4 - verdissimo 

Different areas

The creation of different areas in the same space is another trend in 2022 restaurant decoration. You can create more private spaces in large restaurants by using the right decorative elements, such as: indoor trees, side tables, sliding doors, glass, etc. You can also play with the intensity of lighting to create different areas in a single space. Creating different areas allows interior decorators to make the most of spaces by playing with the furniture, greenery and lighting, among other things.

In the image below, we’ll show you how you can create different areas, separated by greenery.

decoracion restaurantes img5 - verdissimo

Restaurant walls decoration

Walls are a key element in restaurants. Its decoration is important to fill the space with character.

There are many ways to get the restaurant walls decoration right, some of the main ones are the following:

  • Moss Walls: it is common to find walls decorated with moss. There are many who opt for vertical walls composed of different combinations of moss, usually preserved moss, which is the one with the best endurance. These moss walls can combine flat moss and ball moss with plants. It is an upward trend in all kinds of commercial spaces.
  • Rose paintings: paintings made with roses are an ideal option for decorating restaurant walls. These paintings can be made with white roses, red roses, and pink roses, and you can even combine roses of different colors to create more vivid paintings.
  • Shelves with figures and preserved plants or flowers: another option is to decorate the walls with wooden shelves, lacquered shelves, or shelves with beams … On these shelves, you can place different figures, and floral compositions created with preserved material, plants, or flower compositions, whatever is the best combination!

In the following image, we show you the combination of decorative objects next to a small composition created with a preserved rose.

  • Green Walls: having green walls will bring a very natural touch to the restaurant.  Green walls can be achieved with paint, wallpaper, and, as we mentioned before, placing preserved moss. Moss balls can also be placed to give the wall the natural decorative touch distinctive of some designer restaurants.

In the following image, you can see the result of a restaurant’s green wall. It has been achieved by combining different mosses and Plants from Verdissimo.

  • Baskets and planters: as a last option we propose the possibility of hanging baskets and planters with plants and flowers on the walls. There are wall designs with planters that create natural spaces full of magic and personality. The combination of plants and flowers that can be placed is numerous, depending on the style of decoration, it will be advisable to choose some plants or others.

Indoor trees in restaurants

Trees are elements capable of providing a touch of naturalness and freshness to the corners of restaurants. They are perfect to be placed in corners, and even to be used as zone separators. They have great decorative power. Depending on the tree you select you can give one style or another to the restaurant, for example, palm trees are perfect for tropical-style restaurants, while olive trees are recommended for Mediterranean-style spaces.

In the image you can see how it acts as a separator between two spaces, separating the premises into two distinct areas of the restaurant. It has a visual impact and at the same time, it decorates the space.

Ideas for decorating small restaurants

In this section of the article, we’ll give you some ideas for decorating restaurants with few square meters.

Make good use of color

Color is key to making small spaces seem larger. We recommend that you use neutral and light colors to decorate small restaurants, especially prioritizing white or light gray tones. You can also opt for beige or cream if you want to give a more rustic or farmhouse look to the restaurant.


For small restaurant decoration, you should look for multipurpose solutions. Taking advantage of every square meter is key. One solution could be to look for furniture that has more than one function, such as: using shelves as space separators and as storage. Functionality is key in decoration in general, but in small spaces it takes on even more importance.

Use round tables

Generally speaking, round tables take up less space that rectangular tables. You can combine both and use round tables in smaller corners. Combining different elements is in style, so don’t worry about the result. In the image below, you can see how round tables look in small spaces.

decoracion restaurantes img6 - verdissimo

Use benches/booths

Benches take up less space than chairs. For some tables in a small restaurant, you can use benches and save space. They’re comfortable and a hit aesthetically with locals, since they don’t take up much space. We’ll show you an image of how benches look in restaurants.

decoracion restaurantes img7 - verdissimo

Decorative styles in restaurants

Wondering how to decorate a restaurant? What is the most appropriate decorative style for modern restaurants?

The most important decorative styles for homes can be applied to decorative styles for restaurants. Some of these decorative styles are the following: Nordic, boho, vintage, modern and navy styles. We’ll give some details about each one below!

Nordic decorative style for restaurants

Nordic-style restaurant decoration emphasizes neutral colors, simple shapes and minimalist atmospheres. Usually, white and gray colors, as well as simple furniture, are used in this style.

Boho decorative style for restaurants

Boho-style restaurant decoration stands out for its mix of vibrant colors, including: red, green, yellow, blue, etc. To achieve this decorative style, you must combine vibrant colors, as well as different fabrics and elements.

Vintage decorative style for restaurants

Vintage-style restaurant decoration is one of the most popular this season. Some ideas for a vintage-style restaurant include distressed furniture and elements with golden details.

Modern decorative style for restaurants

Modern-style restaurant decoration is very minimalist and seeks to create neat spaces and uniform lines. For decorating these spaces, subdued colors are used, such as: black, white, light gray, dark gray, etc.

Navy decorative style for restaurants

Navy-style restaurant decoration is typical for Mediterranean spots. This style is backed up by colors such as white and blue, and uses wooden furniture. Also, it’s known for its use of marine decorative elements, such as helms or other objects that can be found on boats.

Any decorative style used at a restaurant should mirror the business’ philosophy and the type of restaurant. For example, at an Indian restaurant, it wouldn’t be advisable to use Nordic decoration for the space. Instead, it would be more appropriate to use boho decoration, which uses color and a blend of many elements and different materials.

We hope this post has inspired you and given you ideas for decorating a modern, boho, vintage, etc. restaurant.

Remember that decorating any place is important for conveying the story, food and philosophy of the restaurant.

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