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Romantic Decoration – Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Romantic decoration - Verdissimo

Romantic Decoration – Ideas for Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is approaching and for this reason, at Verdissimo, we want to talk to you about romantic decoration, so that you prepare yourself to surprise that special person in your life.

Romantic decoration - Verdissimo

Valentine’s Day is not only a day to make gifts, it’s also a day to create different environments, romantic environments where you can spend a nice afternoon or night next to your partner.

In this article, we will talk to you about the main characteristics of this type of decoration, what the predominant colors are, the most suitable romantic flowers to use in the decoration, and much more.

Main characteristics of a romantic decoration

The main characteristics of a romantic decoration are elegance, softness, warmth, delicacy, and versatility.

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We will talk to you in a little more detail about each of these pillars.


Elegance is a basic principle of romantic decoration. An elegant space is a space where light, harmony, and neutral colors are the protagonists.


A romantic decoration is not aggressive. It’s a soft decoration, where soft colors, simple accessories, and delicate textures prevail.


Warmth is comfort. It’s the “desire to inhabit a space” and this is exactly what romantic decoration is looking for. It’s an invitation to “be in”, an invitation “to stay”. Warmth is achieved mainly with the use of natural elements and soft colors.


Romantic decoration stands out for being, above all, a delicate decoration. It’s, after all, a decoration that transmits, to everyone in that space, extraordinary sensitivity and delicacy.


It’s a super versatile decoration. It’s so soft and subtle that it perfectly combines with many types of decorations, for example, it combines with minimalist, rustic or country, or even Nordic decoration. The simplicity of its elements makes it extremely versatile.

Colors of romantic decoration

The appropriate colors of romantic decoration are the following: neutral colors like beige or brown. Although shades like lavender, purple, light pink, and even light blue.

As you can see, red is not included. Although this doesn’t mean you can’t give a bouquet of red roses. Nevertheless, if want you want is to decorate a space with a romantic style you will have to opt for less lively and more muted tones.



Romántic Flowers

It’s difficult to talk about romantic decoration without talking about flowers. Romantic decoration with flowers is almost a necessity on Valentine’s Day and it’s because flowers are capable of creating this warm, sweet, sensual, and romantic we all look for that day.

In this section we have wanted to compile information about some flowers with which you can decorate your business, office, or home:


It’s the most favorite flower, this is why it can’t be missing from a romantic decoration. A good rose centerpiece can become the protagonist of Valentine’s Day, a good rose bouquet as well. To select the most adequate you will have to take into consideration the meaning of roses by color.


Rose Queen - Verdissimo


The orchid is one of the most elegant flowers there are. A flower that grows in a great variety of sizes. It thrives in template climates and flowers in spring. In Verdissimo we count with two different species; Cymbidium and Dendrobium, both varieties in pastel colors. The orchid is considered a symbol of love and beauty and this is why it cannot be missed on that day.


Orchid Dendrobium - Verdissimo


Gardenia is the flower of commitment in China, this makes it the perfect flower for Valentine’s Day, most of all if you have something to say to your partner. The gardenia stands out for its beauty, but also for its perennial light green leaves and its flowers similar to those of the queens of the garden, the roses.


Gardenia - Verdissimo


The hydrangea is sweet and voluptuous. In addition, they are flowers with a lot of history. The hydrangea genus includes 70 to 75 different ornamental plant species, most native to southern and eastern Asia. It’s an ideal ornamental plant for many types of decoration, above all, the most feminine decorations, such as the romantic decoration.


Hydrangea - Verdissimo


Although the carnation is a more ostentatious flower, placed in a nice discreet flower arrangement it can be perfect for a romantic decoration. It is a herbaceous plant that is very traditional in the Mediterranean that you can also find in many different colors, from pink to blue, and even white. Also in red, although it is not the most suitable for romantic decoration.




Ideas to make a romantic decoration

We are going to give you some ideas to make a romantic decoration at home. Surprise your loved one with these decorations!

  1. Do not forget the decoration of the romantic room with flowers: the room is another of the spaces that you must decorate on Valentine’s Day. You can place flowers on the bed, and even on the nightstands.
  2. Place centerpieces: centerpieces for the dining area create the atmosphere you are looking for. There are many types of ideal centerpieces, you can create one with the flowers that we mentioned in the previous section.
  3. Rose petals in the bathroom: Using rose petals in bathrooms, and even on some furniture, or floor areas of the house is a perfect romantic idea to decorate on Valentine’s Day. They will not only invite to relaxation, but they will also create a romantic and sensual atmosphere.



If you are looking for preserved flowers for Valentine’s Day you have come to the right place. In Verdissimo, as preserved flowers specialists in production and distibution, we offer our clients a great range of ideal flowers for moments as special as this one. And it’s that we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day every day.


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