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Save water with preserved products: grass

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save water with preserved products grass - verdissimo

Save water with preserved products: grass

In these times, saving water has become a key topic for the well-being of society. This is because water consumption and climate change are closely related. Why is this happening? Mainly because of the urban water cycle, and also that some of the steps in the process of obtaining water emit greenhouse gases (capture, distribution, pumping, purification…)

save water with preserved products grass - verdissimo

This means that every drop of water we consume makes us wonder if it could have been saved. And not just this! In addition to helping to improve society by slowly curbing climate change, saving water also helps us save money.

But how can I save water? We’d ahead of you in the headline! It is possible to save water by purchasing preserved products.

In this article, we want to focus on the purchase of preserved grass, since watering natural grass uses a lot of water and implies a high cost in the family budget.

Water consumption and watering grass

Water consumption when watering grass is high for both families and companies that have it in their facilities. Determining the exact consumption is complicated because it depends very much on the variety of grass used, and, where you are located. Hours of sunshine, local humidity, rain, temperature, etc. all come into play.

In general, climate is a key factor in determining water consumption in an area with natural grass, and it will not be the same in areas with cooler and wetter climates compared with warmer and drier areas.

Saving water with preserved grass

Yes, it’s true that during the growth of preserved grass it needs watering, but this amount is the same as that used with natural grass (it is “cultivated” for a period of between 6 months and one year before beginning its preservation process). The benefit of preservation is that once the grass has been properly preserved, water is no longer necessary, once purchased, the preserved grass does not consume water, so after a year or two it would actually generate a significant saving in litres per m2 compared to natural grass. This would mean great economic savings for the family or the company in general.

Other advantages of preserved grass

Although long-term water savings are considered one of the main benefits of purchasing preserved products, reduced maintenance in general is another benefit to take note of.

Preserved grass is a product that requires virtually no maintenance, as it is able to maintain its beauty over time without requiring water or sunlight… you don’t even need to cut it!

If you are thinking of buying preserved grass to place it in an interior garden, even to design murals or other floral compositions with grass, remember that in Verdissimo we offer our customers high quality preserved grass.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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