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Shipping of preserved products

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All the information about the shipping of preserved products - Verdissimo

Shipping of preserved products

From Verdissimo we have wanted to answer some of the questions you often make about the shipping of preserved products. Since it’s a concern you have at the time of buying our products, so it arrives in optimum quality conditions.

All the information about the shipping of preserved products - Verdissimo

We hope this helps you definitely trust in our preserved product, even though you know that if you have any unsolved specific doubts or needs you can contact us with no commitment.

Without further ado, we will start to answer some of the questions about the shipping of preserved flowers, plants, greens, and trees.

To what countries do you not send products?

We don’t have country restrictions to make direct shipments when the purchase is made directly to us.

Our products are free circulation products and with the probable exception of the Antarctic, they can reach any place in the world.

It’s important to point out that depending on the region where they are purchased from we can make the shipment from any of our 4 warehouses and factories located in Colombia, Ecuador, Spain and Japan. Now, even though we can reach any country in the world in a direct manner, the minimum quantities of purchase may vary by country.  

What is the maximum and minimum delivery time between the time of purchase to the arrival at its destination

It depends on the place of reception, the purchased product, and its quantity. In very remote areas it can take several months while in zones close to our distribution centers it can take around 3 weeks.

Is there the possibility to purchase express shipping of the product?

We can always make express shipping, nevertheless, the cost of this type of shipping is significantly higher. This is because express shipping is made by air and with urgent reservations where tariffs increase considerably to the traditional maritime containers. 

Is there a minimum or maximum volume of purchase?

There are no limits of size to the maximum amount by order, nevertheless, the dates of delivery of the totality of the order will depend on the warehouses’ capacity and the availability of the product.

About the minimum quantity if orders this will mostly depend on the type of client (wholesaler, decorator, retail, etc.)

It’s important to point out that we are mainly a B2B business and we don’t make sales by unit. 

How are the shipping costs of the products calculated?

Depending on the type of client and the volume of products being shipped, the logistical costs can vary significantly.

Nevertheless, the impact on the cost varies mainly on the type of transportation to be used.

Each shipment has specific variables of urgency, volume, and season of the year that make it impossible to make an exact estimate or fixed rule to apply to shipments. They have to be adjusted individually. 

Do all of your shipments come from your warehouse in Valencia or do you have more logistic centers?

We have logistic centers in Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, and Japan. Nevertheless, we have strategic partners in the United States and China where we can have specific stock for those markets.

Is there a guarantee on the product?

Yes, we have a guaranty on the product but it depends largely on the type of defect and complaint.

Each complaint case of RCC (Requests, Complaints and Claims) is analyzed individually and in the case of delivering a product with defects, Verdissimo will respond accordingly.

On logistical aspects, it’s important to point out that on all products we pay for or include in the invoice the cost of shipping, the products are insured. Unless the client specifies the contrary.

Do big products like trees have special shipping conditions?

They are usually managed the same way as flowers or greens, the only difference is that because of their volume deliveries are made by land or sea. on very rare occasions by air and only very small trees.

Are products sent with some type of certification? (Such as allergenic, 100% natural, etc.)

In countries where they are required because of origin and phytosanitary requirements, they are always included.


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