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Simple floral arrangements with roses

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Simple floral arrangements with roses

Events season is coming up: communions, weddings, baptisms, etc. So, we want to take advantage of this moment to tell you about simple rose arrangements, perfect for decorating any of the events we’ve mentioned. Don’t miss out!

But, why use roses? Roses are “quintessential flowers.” They’re considered the most beautiful flowers in the world and also you can find them in a variety of colors, which lets you make simple and beautiful floral arrangements, suitable for any events, night and day.

4 simple floral arrangements with roses

  1. Arrangements combined with roses

Do you wonder how to make floral arrangements in this style? It’s very easy! You just have to select two products of the same color, even in different shades, and put them in a flower vase, or even tie them with a ribbon to create a bouquet. In the example we’ve shown you above, roses and hydrangeas have been used in different shades of blue and the result is… fantastic! It’s one of the simple floral arrangements with roses perfect for celebrating a baptism or communion.

  1. Pure floral arrangements

There’s nothing purer and simpler than decorating an event with white roses. It’s one of the simple floral arrangements that we like best for weddings, since white roses are a symbol of purity and innocence. In the image above, you can see how we’ve chosen to put lots of white roses in a wicker basket, which is also white. A simple and striking arrangement!

  1. Floral arrangements with red roses

Floral arrangements with red roses are perfect for celebrating anniversaries, and even boho-chic weddings, since flowers in this color symbolize the passion between two people. In the floral arrangement we’ve shown above, red roses are combined with red carnations, creating a monochromatic effect with different incredible textures. What do you think?

  1. For a centerpiece

Floral arrangements with roses have become a must-have for decorating events, even by only using a single rose. In the image above, the floral arrangement consists of a red rose and green filler, a perfect contrast for decorating centerpieces for many events, for example boho-chic weddings.

We hope this post has inspired you to decorate your upcoming celebrations. Also, remember that all these floral arrangements are made with preserved flowers, so they will maintain their beauty over time without needing any light or water.

And that’s not all! Since these products are preserved, you can take a floral arrangement as a keepsake of the event. They have so many perks!

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