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Solidago, the key to country-style decoration

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solidago la clave de la decoracion campestre - verdissimo

Solidago, the key to country-style decoration

Country-style or rustic decoration, originally from the United States, is decoration known for its use of materials such as stone, ironwork and wood, and also for natural elements including flowers and plants. One of the perfect Verdissimo products for creating this decorative style is solidago, so we’ll dedicate this article to telling you everything about it: its characteristics, origin and how to decorate a rustic space with solidago.

solidago la clave de la decoracion campestre - verdissimo

Characteristics of solidago

Solidago, commonly known as goldenrod, is an herbaceous plant with small, yellow spherical flowers. Its scientific name is Solidago canadensis, or “Golden Baby.” There are over 100 accepted species scattered throughout the world.

Origin of solidago

Solidago is a very typical filler flower from North America. Some varieties are also found in areas of Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia. This product was primarily known for its medicinal properties and not so much for its decorative qualities. However, this has changed considerably in recent years.

How to decorate a rustic space with solidago

Solidago is the key to country-style or rustic home decoration. Though more often than not it’s used as filler flower in combination with other products, in rustic decoration it alone is capable of creating captivating spaces.

In this decorative style, solidago can beautify any room by being placed in a simple vase, whether wood, patterned or even crystal. However, be careful when choosing materials because not every vase may fit into this decorative style.

Solidago in 2017

This year, solidago is one of Verdissimo’s trendiest products. Its spring colors make this filler the perfect choice for creating rustic spaces, one of the most sought-after decorative styles in recent years, even in cities.

Solidago decorative projects

One of the decorative projects where preserved solidago has been used is at the Panama Jack office in Elche. This product has given the entire space a very fresh, natural and adventurous flair, which characterizes the footwear brand.

If you want to create a space at home or work with a style that blends natural, country and rustic qualities, solidago will be your greatest ally. Also, if solidago is preserved, you won’t have to worry about caring for it so it remains in perfect condition, since all Verdissimo products require little maintenance and don’t need water or light to retain their beauty.

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