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Spring Flowers and Their Decorative Styles

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las flores de primavera y sus estilos decorativos - verdissimo

Spring Flowers and Their Decorative Styles

Spring is the season that’s characterized by sunny weather, flowers, and warmth. It’s the season after winter and before summer, the period known for nature’s blooming.

At Verdissimo, we’d like to use this article to stop and take the time to tell you the secrets of this season and also to reveal to you which flowers are spring flowers and the predominant decorating style for this time of year.

Plants and flowers trending this spring

Lavender: A genus of plants in the Lamiaceae family, it’s one of the most popular plants for interior décor. Its simplicity and beauty make it a preferred flower for floral compositions inspired by nature, the outdoors, and meadows specifically.

Helichrysum Diosmifolium: Rice flower, also known as white dogwood, is one of Verdissimo’s most popular filler flowers due to the volume that it brings to compositions. It’s capable of providing pretty accents of color and light to arrangements, as well as romantic, country, and bohemian touches that are difficult to obtain with other products.

Solidago: Also known as goldenrod, this plant is very well known for its medicinal properties and for being a natural greenery that’s used in compositions with a rustic air to them. Its shades of green and yellow make Solidago the perfect product for combining with many of Verdissimo’s different kinds of flowers and greeneries.

Flowers, décor, and springtime

Spring is the perfect season for rustic-industrial or rustic-country style décor.

To achieve either of these decorative styles, one needs to use natural materials such as wood and flowers and plants inspired by the countryside and meadows in particular.

Rustic-industrial and rustic-country décor are best when they’re pure, that is to say, the décor is based on the purity of materials such as stone, forged metal, and wood.

Currently, the trends in rustic styles follow a very eclectic line in which it’s very common to find modern elements, restrained elements, and those with straight lines all combined perfectly.

With respect to colors, in rustic décor, the tones tend to be very soft and the flowers and plants have the role of adding touches of color and light to the spaces in question.

Verdissimo’s products for spring

Verdissimo’s products are perfect for decorating your home in springtime due to the large quantity of country filler flowers that we have. In addition, all of our products last for a long time and retain their beauty for months or even years with practically no maintenance since they don’t need light or water to survive.

At Verdissimo you’ll find an immense variety of preserved flowers and plants to inspire your imagination.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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