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Store decoration

From Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers, we’ve often talked about home decoration. However, placing functional and ornamental elements in restaurants, clothing shops, furniture stores, etc. is without a doubt more important. This is because store decoration is capable of attracting customers and benefitting your company enormously.

store decoration - verdissimo

The image of a hairdresser shop, fashion store, florist, restaurant, pub, etc.… is key for people to enter and, above all, to make them feel at home and want to return.

That’s why, in this post, we want to talk about store decoration: how to decorate a store professionally, what to keep in mind, some tips and how to decorate with flowers and plants. Don’t miss out!

How to decorate a store professionally

To decorate a store professionally, it’s best to leave it to interior decorators, especially if you don’t know much about decoration. Although this field seems simple, it’s not. You must consider new trends, the psychology of color, the distribution of space, the size (to make the most of it), etc.

Besides this, to decorate it, you’ll need to get the best materials, i.e. those with good value.

If you opt for greenery, we recommend using preserved products. You can find a range of products from preserved trees, plants, flowers, branches, etc. There’s a large variety of products in our catalog, so take a look and start getting ideas!

What to keep in mind when decorating a store

In this section, we’ll go into detail about what you should keep in mind when decorating stores: the size of the store, the service or products offered, the location and the competition.

  1. The size of the store

Decoration is very dependent on the size of the store. If the store is large, you can use striking colors and less functional furniture… On the other hand, if the store is small, you should use colors that bring in light, functional furniture, etc.

  1. The service or products offered

The store decoration should match the product or service offered in the store. For example, if you have an Asian food restaurant, you can use zen-style elements; if you have a florist shop, it’s suitable to decorate the store using lots of floral elements; and if you have a law firm, the decoration should be more subtle and match the type of work done in the office.

  1. The location

The location is also very important. Keep in mind the neighborhood where the store is located and try to adapt it to the style of the neighborhood. For example, in an alternative neighborhood, traditional decoration won’t be as suitable and may not attract customers from the area.

  1. The competition

Decoration may help you stand out from the competition. In a store, it’s key to go for innovative, striking decoration that adds value. Study the decoration in competing stores and improve yours to attract people’s attention.

Tips for decorating a store

Below, we’ll give you some tips for decorating the perfect store: choose the right color, use functional furniture, add plants and flowers and choose the right decorative style. We’ll go into detail for each one of these tips!

  1. Choose the right color

Colors stir up emotions in customers. Colors are capable of conveying calm, peace, discomfort, etc. For example: the color blue is, without a doubt, the color of calm, while yellow is for optimism, orange is for emotion, etc.

  1. Use functional furniture

Utility is your best friend when decorating stores. That’s because it helps make the most of the space, with furniture that works as decoration while also helping store materials, etc.

  1. Add plants and flowers

Plants and flowers are elements capable of providing light, life and color to stores with neutral decoration. In addition, they create cozy atmospheres. You should place them strategically and use those that last, such as preserved ones. These plants and flowers maintain their beauty over time without needing water or light, which makes them perfect for decorating hotels or other businesses. Initially they require a high investment but they’re much more affordable in the long term because they last.

  1. Choose the right style

When decorating a store, you should keep in mind its style. There are many decorative styles out there: vintage, boho chi, sailor, industrial, Nordic, modern, farmhouse… Depending on the type of business you have, and the product or service you sell, you’ll have to choose one style over another. Choose the right one!

Store decoration with flowers

Here are some decorative examples for stores made with Verdissimo products:

Decoration with lavender

decoracion con lavanda - verdissimo

In the image above, we’ll show you a decorative style from a Madrid restaurant: Pomeranian. In the Spanish capital, we can see some examples of restaurant decoration made with Verdissimo products. In this case, planters with lavender are hung to give the space a touch of color, joy and nature.

Greenery as the main element

vegetacion - verdissimo

In this image, we’ll show you the result of using greenery as a main element in decorating a restaurant: the Zela London. In this restaurant, plants hung in the archways are striking and provide a touch of nature, color and distinction to the entire space.

Vertical gardens

muros verticales - verdissimo

Many offices and minimalist stores with clean and subtle decoration use vertical gardens made with moss and other greenery to give a touch of color and nature to the store or space. The result is clean, striking and also functional, because it decorates the place without taking up space. For Verdissimo’s decorative projects, we use this type of decorative element a lot.

Charming ceilings

techos con encanto - verdissimo

Decorating ceilings is a trend this season. It’s a way to decorate a store while freeing up space for other elements such as furniture. Also, this type of decoration really impacts customers. The image above shows you a clear example of decorating a ceiling in a charming way. It’s from the restaurant ‘Mirazur in Residence.’

All these examples and tips in this post aren’t just for decorating stores. You can also keep them in mind when decorating events at businesses, even if they’re specific events with start and end dates.

If you’re an interior decorator or a floral art professional and you want to give some tips to our readers… comment below! Surely many people would like to get advice from various professionals in the industry.

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