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Stylish Colors for Winter Flowers

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Stylish Colors for Winter Flowers verdissimo

Stylish Colors for Winter Flowers

Winter is here, and it’s full of colors, especially ochre and burgundy, which are very typical of winter flowers.

Stylish Colors for Winter Flowers verdissimo

Ochre: the color ochre is a mixture of maroon, orange, and yellow tones, and it oozes sophistication while also being closely associated with the coldest times of the year. In 2017 not only is ochre trendy for winter flowers, but it’s also being used a lot in some of the best fashion shows.

Burgundy: this is one of the strongest tones on the color palette this season. In addition, the color burgundy combines very well with other tones, such as green, ochre, or more neutral, warm tones, like beige.

Verdissimo’s winter flowers in ochre and burgundy tones

At Verdissimo we have a wide variety of flowers in the tones that are trending this winter, 2017.

  • Standard Hortensia: Hortensia is the perfect flower for romantic, classical winter décor. Its ideal color for this time of year is the autumn of the extra variety, which can be combined, principally, with ochre and green.
  • Anastasia Chrysanthemums: The Anastasia variety of chrysanthemums can be found at Verdissimo in a warm yellow tone, which is a color very similar to ochre. This winter flower is perfect for home since it represents honesty and cheerfulness.
  • Roses Queen: Roses are the most famous type of flower. The extra variety at Verdissimo can be found in the leading tones of the winter season: ochre (peach) and burgundy. A floral composition combining both colors will make quite the ‘bombshell’ of beauty.
  • Mini Calla: We also have the mini calla, of African origins, in both colors: ochre (peach) and burgundy. This winter flower is perfect if you just place it in a simple, elegant receptacle because it’s ideal for winter decorations for simpler, more minimalist spaces.

Red Winter Flowers

Red is, without doubt, the colour for Christmas decoration. And, out of all the red flowers, the well-known “Christmas Flower”, poinsettias, are a classic that are in every home at this special time. This attractive plant, also known as the “Easter Flower”, gets its name from its vibrant red colour, which makes it an essential decorative element. The drawback of this beautiful plant is that after a few days, it loses its eye-catching red leaves. This is why Verdissimo gives you an alternative, so you can enjoy gorgeous, long-lasting flowers with a Christmas feel: an elegant floral arrangement made from preserved red roses, pinecones and exotic leaves.

White Winter Flowers

Without doubt, white is another essential colour for Christmas and, of course, for winter. White flowers give a feeling of balance, peace and serenity. They are perfect for giving a touch of harmony to your home. At Verdissimo, you will find a wide range of white flowers to decorate your home with their delicate elegance: roses, lilies, anemone chrysanthemums, hydrangeas or tulips. If you want to find ideas and tips for floral art to decorate with preserved white flowers, take a look at our new catalogue. You have lots of ideas to choose from!

Green Winter Flowers

The combination of green and red is a winter and Christmas classic. To create atmospheres full of warmth, which are cosy and clearly festive, choose green. In our selection of preserved flowers and leaves, you will find a huge range of green plants for decoration: leaves, green roses, moss…Find your favourite plants and flowers and create your own compositions!

Create floral compositions combining these flower with boughs and other winter plants!

Some boughs from winter plants that we really like to combine with flowers are beech, chestnut, and oak.

These green branches go perfectly with winter flowers in ochre and burgundy tones, forming traditional floral arrangements for the season that are inspired by the most rustic, country-style trends. At Verdissimo we have the perfect boughs and greens to combine with hortensias, chrysanthemums, roses, and mini callas.

At Verdissimo you’ll find an immense variety of preserved flowers and plants for interior décor. Consult our catalog of preserved flowers and plants.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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