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Sunflower bridal bouquets

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Sunflower bridal bouquets

One of the most prevalent trends in weddings in the last few years is to hold the reception and meal in rural, natural surroundings, in contact with nature.

Getting married in the countryside is in fashion

One of the main reasons why countryside weddings are in fashion is that weddings celebrated in a rural, open-air environment are more special and original. It allows the bridal party to take liberties with their clothing or the floral decoration.

Country weddings have a special charm, especially if the decoration gives that cosy, simple, and romantic touch to the chosen place.

Wild plants and flowers are the best for decoration as they are perfect for creating an atmosphere and enhancing the setting. The problem with fresh, wild or cultivated flowers is their short lifespan, the constant maintenance, the need for natural light, along with many other drawbacks. This is why bridal parties and catering companies increasingly opt to use treated flowers for the decoration or in the bride’s bouquet.

Sunflower bridal bouquets

Without a doubt the two best-known wild flowers are daisies and sunflowers. Daisy bouquets are a classic. In the‘60s and ‘70s they were the favourites of hippy brides.

As rural settings are back in fashion, sunflowers have become the new trend in bohemian brides’ bouquets.

The Sunflower: The in-fashion flower for weddings and bridal bouquets

The sunflower is not a conventional choice of flower for a bridal bouquet. Sunflowers represent strength and energy. They symbolize the desire of the bride and groom to spend their life together forever.

This uncommon flower in conventional floral compositions has become the new trendy flower: preserved sunflowers are the most in demand in floral art for floral decoration with a rustic, natural, and romantic air.

Unlike fresh sunflowers, which dry out and lose their vitality and colour, preserved sunflowers are perfect for making a long-lasting and unchangingly beautiful flower arrangement, without needing to maintain it, water it or change it constantly.

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