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On the road to clean and sustainable production

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On the road to clean and sustainable production

The Innovaflora group, through its Verdissimo and Florever brands, keeps working to transform its production into one that is even more friendly to the environment and the planet.

In addition to the solar panels installed in the plants in Spain and Colombia, several initiatives are being carried out that will help us achieve this goal, among them the change in packaging of our preserved roses with stems.

Not so friendly packaging

Previously, one of the most important components in the containers of stemmed roses was PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a thermoplastic material that, when discarded, presented serious contamination problems.
Also present was Pert (polyethylene terephthalate), a plastic that is made from recycled material (from 10% to 50%). Both materials were used in part of the packaging of our star products, such as the premium and standard stemmed roses.

The change

But being aware of the need to reduce pollutants worldwide and maintaining coherence in our discourse, we decided to change and look towards more environmentally friendly raw materials, regardless of the cost overruns this might cause.

That is why in mid-2021, our marketing and design teams began working on new packaging made from materials that come from renewable sources.
There was no better option than the products created under the EarthPact seal, a brand of the Colombian company Carvajal, which manufactures products made from 100% sugar cane fiber that are free of bleaching chemicals and rapidly biodegradable.

Planet-friendly packaging

Our premium stem rose, in individual packaging, went from using approximately 108 grams of PVC and/or PET to only 30 grams.
These figures correspond to approximately 5.8 tons less plastic per year and a 72% reduction in its use.

In the rose with a standard stem, in individual packaging (our best seller), we went from using approximately 60 grams of PVC and/or PET to using approximately 20.6 grams. This corresponds to about 32 tons less plastic per year by reducing its use by 66%.

Innovaflora, conscious of the environment

In summary, we can say that with the change of packaging, we are using approximately 46 tons less plastic per year compared to the previous packaging, which corresponds to 66% less.

We keep working on making our operation not only more sustainable and cleaner but also more efficient to maintain the high-quality standard that our products are well-known for.

We are Innovaflora Being Conscious

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