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The Best Floral Arrangements for Birthdays

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The Best Floral Arrangements for Birthdays

Is a loved one’s birthday approaching and you still don’t know what to give them? Here at Verdissimo, the biggest producer of preserved flowers, we recommend that you give them something original: a floral arrangement, such as those described below.

If you’re thinking about giving someone a floral arrangement for their birthday, before you start selecting the flowers and colors it’s important to think about the person who’s having a birthday, because we’ve got different suggestions for floral arrangements based on your relationship with the person in question:

  • Spouse/partner: if it’s your domestic partner’s birthday, we at Verdissimo recommend that you choose a floral arrangement with roses in it. With respect to color, your best bet is red, though others such as white can be a good choice, as well, because they represent purity of sentiment.Red Roses are among the most popular birthday flowers due to their spectacular beauty… so you really can’t go wrong with them.
  • Parent: You should choose flowers that fit your mother or father’s tastes for their floral arrangement. For example, orchids or gardenias.In Verdissimo’s catalog of preserved flowers we have two types of orchids, Cymbidium and Dendrobium, which you can find in vibrant colors, such as shades of pink.With these preserved flowers it’s possible to create minimalist floral arrangements to fit in with the most avant-garde environments of style and beauty.
  • Relative: If it’s another relative’s birthday, such as a cousin, an uncle, or a grandparent… it’s very important to show affection through the flowers. For this reason we recommend that the floral arrangement contain flowers in yellow tones, such as, for example, yellow roses.
  • Friend: As is the case with family, you’ll want to show affection for a friend, so it’s also a good idea to honor their birthday with a beautiful, elegant floral arrangement. In this case, yellow and orange tones would also be recommended.Specifically, we recommend that the floral arrangement contain orange-colored chrysanthemums because they’re extremely beautiful, in addition to representing wisdom, honesty, happiness, and nobility.


Each of the birthday flowers that we’ve suggested can be combined with green products such as broom, goldenrod, grabia, lavender, or stoebe.

At Verdissimo you’ll find a wide variety of preserved flowers and plants for interior décor. Consult our catalog of preserved flowers and plants.

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