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The best ideas for gift giving on Valentine’s Day

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las mejores ideas para regalar en san valentin - verdissimo

The best ideas for gift giving on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, the most notable holiday for those in love, is getting closer and closer. That’s why from Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved flowers and plants, we want to give you a few ideas for gift giving on Valentine’s Day: ideas for flowers, wreaths and floral arrangements to prepare a nice, romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day.

las mejores ideas para regalar en san valentin - verdissimo

Also, we’ll place special emphasis on preserved flowers as gifts for Valentine’s Day, since they remain over time, keeping their beauty.

Ideas for flowers on Valentine’s Day

Flowers are one of the most common gift ideas for a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.  Many decide to surprise their partners with pretty flowers on Valentine’s Day. This is because flowers aren’t just beautiful gifts that can be used to decorate any area of a home, they also convey many meanings. So, with the hope of “hitting the spot” on this day, we’ll mention some of the best flowers for gift giving on Valentine’s Day. Here we go!


Roses are the most common flowers for declaring the love and passion that you feel for somebody. Typically, to send this message, you usually give red roses, since flowers in this color are a unique way to declare what you feel for the other person. It’s one of the most traditional ideas for Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t stop being a good one.

Roses - Verdissimo


Gardenias are flowers that symbolize the secret love between two people, or the secret love that one person feels towards the other. If you haven’t yet declared your feelings to that special somebody, a bouquet of gardenias could be your best bet for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Gardenia - Verdissimo


Orchids are very sophisticated and minimalist flowers that symbolize the beauty and purity of a woman. In the past, they were often used to declare love to a woman and acted as a way to proclaim how beautiful she was. If you don’t know what to give on Valentine’s Day, you can always opt for a simple orchid to tell your significant other how beautiful you think he/she is.

Orchid  - Verdissimo

If you want to find out the meanings of other flowers to get more gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, we recommend reading the article “Flower names: what do they mean?”.

However, remember that the meaning of flowers isn’t the only thing to keep in mind. To send a successful message on this day, it’s important to choose the right flower and color.

The most suitable colors are pink, red and even white. Other colors such as yellow, green, purple or blue, can send the wrong message, including friendship, affection, support, encouragement, etc. These feelings, though present in a romantic partnership, are more appropriate for family and friends.

Ideas for wreaths on Valentine’s Day

If the ideas for flowers we’ve given you above don’t convince you and you want to be a little more original this year, we suggest you turn to wreaths. This gift not only can decorate your partner’s home, but also is an accessory.

Wreaths have become very stylish in recent years and many women turn to them for numerous events and also for decorating both the walls of a home, as well as the entryway and other doors in the house.

Wreaths can be made with flowers such as roses or gardenias, or even lavender and other products. As we’ve mentioned previously, it’s important that you keep in mind the meaning you want to convey in order to choose the most suitable plants and flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Ideas for floral arrangements on Valentine’s Day

In this section of the article, we’ll give you a few ideas for floral arrangements on Valentine’s Day to surprise your partner with a well-decorated romantic dinner.

Before giving you ideas for Valentine’s Day, it’s important you understand that a romantic dinner involves many things: from good food to good drinks, good music and a good atmosphere.

Floral arrangements play an important role in this last aspect, since they’re capable of harmonizing spaces and giving them a romantic and chic touch.

We’ll mention a few floral arrangements that may help you below.

Floral arrangements with roses

Floral arrangements with roses are always a hit. Especially if you want to create a boho and passionate atmosphere. Roses are a good way to represent the love between you and your partner on Valentine’s Day.

In the image below, we’ll show you an example of one of the floral arrangements with red roses that we’ve made at Verdissimo.

Floral arrangements that combine products

What do you think about combining different flowers of the same color? You can choose your partner’s favorite color or a color that symbolizes something special and create a nice composition.

In the example we’ve added below, the color pink is the key to this romantic floral arrangement.

Floral arrangements with greenery and flowers

If you want to create a more natural atmosphere on Valentine’s Day, the best idea is to combine flowers with greenery.

This type of floral arrangement is much more casual and fresh and also very simple. You only have to choose flowers that you like best and combine them with filler flowers or greenery, placing them in a pot or vase made of materials such as wood or metal.

If your partner is a lover of romantic and country-style decoration, this is a great idea.

In the image below, we’ll show you an example of a floral arrangement that combines preserved flowers with greenery.

Preserved flowers on Valentine’s Day

As we’ve mentioned, flowers are a fantastic idea for Valentine’s Day. However, natural flowers don’t last over time, so this Valentine’s Day, even if you maintain them, they won’t last forever. For this reason, we recommend you bet on flowers and plants from Verdissimo. These flowers, though completely natural, have undergone a preservation process that makes them last over time, maintaining their beauty without needing light or water.

Giving preserved flowers on Valentine’s Day will make your partner remember your love for months, and even years.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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