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The Different Types of Flowers at Verdissimo

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The Different Types of Flowers at Verdissimo

Verdissimo, the biggest producer of preserved plants and flowers, has different types of flowers that are perfect for gift-giving, events, and even ornamental interior décor.

In today’s article we’re going to introduce each of these preserved flowers and their varieties:


Gardenias, which are originally from Asia, are very spectacular flowers thanks to their large, full-bodied leaves.

Preserved gardenias make the perfect gift, and not just because of their enchanting beauty, but also because of their symbolism. They represent purity, falling in love, and the tender feelings that exist between two people, especially a couple, although they’re also the emblem of hidden, secret relationships. These flowers are for strengthening a relationship, promoting love, and expressing admiration for femininity.

On the other hand, gardenias are sure to be the center of attention of any floral composition that they’re part of, and they’re especially apt for floral compositions at home. Although less expensive, they are, along with roses, among the most spectacular flowers in the world. We recommend this article for more information: “Preserved Flower of the Month: Gardenias”.
Gardenia - verdissimo


Of all the flowers at Verdissimo, hortensias (also known as hydrangeas) have the most tradition and history behind them. This type of preserved plant has its origins in Asia, and they are used mainly for ornamental purposes.

  • Premium: This is the most sought-after variety of flower for creating country or rustic-style floral arrangements with a touch of romanticism and class.
  • Standard: This variety of hortensia is perfect for providing points of color to more monochromatic compositions.
  • Natural bicolor: These are the most informal hortensias that we have at Verdissimo. Their combination of colors makes them among the most in-demand flowers at Verdissimo.

Hortensia- verdissimo


Nards, also known as spikenards, come from the Valerian family of flowers that originate in the Himalayas. At Verdissimo you can find nards in various colors: White, Sky Blue, and Pastel Pink.

White nard is a flower that can be used for wedding decorations, normally alongside other products, creating beautiful centerpieces.

As for other colors, as we explained in our post, “Flower of the Month: Nard”, nards, also known as muskroots, are perfect for decoration and also for gifts:

  • Blue: the sophistication of blue nard makes it the ideal flower for more elegant nocturnal celebrations.
  • Pink: used for more romantic celebrations; in addition, pink nards are great flowers for giving any event a chic touch.

Nardo - Verdissimo


Orchids are the flowers that represent all the love that exists between two people. They are the symbol of profound, true love. At Verdissimo, we have two varieties of orchids that are perfect for simple, minimalistic decorations:

  • Cymbidium: this preserved flower is preferred by florists for floral compositions due to the ease with which it can be combined with other plants.
  • Dendrobium: as is the case with the Cymbidium variety, Dendrobium orchids are often used for creating floral compositions. Nevertheless, this type of flower is more recommended for wedding décor and important events.

Orchid - Verdissimo

Mini Calla

Mini calla is a robust perennial plant originally from southern Africa. This flower is highly valued by interior decorators, especially those with a taste for minimalism. This flower is proof positive that ‘less is more’ if you’ve got space for a bit of nature and some flowers.

At Verdissimo you can find mini callas in the following colors: Natural, Warm Yellow, Coral Pink, Burgundy, Lilac, and Blackberry.

Any of these colors are perfect for decorating the spaces in your home or office; all you need to set up a mini calla is a nice glass vase. If you’d like to know more about mini callas and their minimalist uses, you can read the article, “Minimalist Floral Arrangements”.
Mini calla - Verdissimo


This is the most traditional herbaceous plant of the Mediterranean, especially Spain. Carnations have several leaves coming out in opposite directions and a super showy flower at the end. Along with the preserved rose, this flower represents what we stand for at Verdissimo due to its great beauty and its precious leaves.

At Verdissimo you can find carnations in the following colors: White, Red, Pastel Pink, and Peach.
Carnation - Verdissimo

Green Ball

Green Ball is a variety of carnation (Dianthus) with a completely round, highly unusual flower head.

Currently, thanks to its versatility, it’s one of the most popular Verdissimo products for wedding bouquets; after all, it’s perfect for combining with all kinds of flowers of different styles any time of year.
Green Ball - Verdissimo


Roses are the most highly demanded flowers in the world. The beauty of roses, originally from Asia and Europe, has captivated people on every corner of the planet. At Verdissimo we have different kinds of roses, each with their own unique properties.

  • King: King rose is a variety of rose of large dimensions which also has a large opening, making it the perfect type of rose for creating floral compositions. At Verdissimo you can find King roses in the following colors: White, Red, Bridal Pink, Dark Pink, Dark Blue, and Purple.
  • Premium: The Premium rose is the star of any floral composition that it’s used in. Its size and variety of colors make it ideal for combining with other flowers. At Verdissimo we have many colors of Premium roses, though our favorites are pink and lilac.
  • Extra: The Extra rose is the most versatile flower of all. Its extreme beauty is unmistakable, and as with the Premium rose, you can find it in many colors, ranging from gentle pastel tones to highly vibrant tones.
  • Standard: Due to its dimensions, this is Verdissimo’s most popular rose for floral art. As is the case with some of the roses listed above, you can combine the Standard Rose with many other flowers and greeneries thanks to the many colors that it comes in.
  • Medium: This is the best type of rose for smaller-sized floral arrangements. Its size and round shape make it the preferred rose for this type of arrangement since it doesn’t overpower the other plants.
  • Mini: This is Verdissimo’s smallest flower. It’s perfect for creating bridal bouquets. It can also be used for decorating interior spaces since it’s the perfect flower for placing in flower vases and other receptacles.
  • Princess: The Princess rose is also rather petite, but that doesn’t stop it from being such a spectacular flower that it always ends up being the center of attention.

Regardless of the variety, roses are a favorite of interior designers, especially for Mediterranean-style or boho-chic-style decorations.

Roses are also the preferred flower of brides on their big day, both for the bridal bouquet and also for the centerpieces at the reception.

If you want to know more about roses and the meaning of their colors, we recommend reading the following articles: “Red Roses and Boho Décor”, “White Roses: What Do They Signify?” y “The Meaning Behind Red Roses”.
Roses - Verdissimo


The chrysanthemum is a flower from Asia. Its beauty has earned it a place among the “Four Junzi Plants” of Confucian tradition, which means that it’s considered to be one of the ‘Four Gentlemen’ of the plant world, since this complex flower has properties that almost make it seem human sometimes.

  • Anastasia: Anastasia chrysanthemums are normally used for decorating spaces, combining different colors to increase the contrast and the visual impact.
  • Focus: This type of chrysanthemum is the one that’s used most often in the fashion world. Focus is perfect for creating flower diadems, belts, corsages, etc.
  • Sharp: Sharp is a variety of chrysanthemum that’s ideal for creating smaller-sized floral compositions that can be used as centerpieces or flower baskets.

Chrysanthemum - verdissimo
At Verdissimo you’ll find an immense variety of preserved flowers and plants for interior décor.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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