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The Floral Art queen: preserved rose

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The Floral Art queen: preserved rose

Do you enjoy floral decoration and love to liven up every corner with beautiful bouquets and floral compositions? Count on roses!

Flowers are decorative elements that are perfect for creating ambiences, receiving your guests or for a party or event. Thanks to the large variety of forms, textures and colours that exist, you can create a personal and unique floral environment.

Flowers look great in any space or at any event, and out of all flowers, roses are still the most sought after for any kind of floral arrangement. Do you want to know why?

The preserved rose: The queen of floral art

Everyone loves roses! Even though bouquets of flowers of all kinds of exotic varieties have now become fashionable, we would never refuse a gift of a bouquet of roses…they are always a winner!

Roses are the most symbolic flowers that exist due to their beauty and versatility. However, like all fresh flowers, they have a very short lifespan and after a few days the most beautiful bouquet ends up in the bin. This makes them decorative elements that are not affordable for everyone. This problem is easily fixed thanks to Verdissimo’s preserved plants and flowers.

Preserved roses, perfect for beautiful and long-lasting decoration

Preservation is a technique whereby flowers undergo a conservation process that allows them to maintain their natural appearance, which does not change for a long time. This makes them perfect decorative elements as they have many advantages:

Excellent value for money

Unlike fresh flowers, preserved roses are an excellent investment as they are long lasting. A preserved rose can last for years without needing maintenance, direct sunlight or constant watering.

100% natural appearance

Preserved flowers are like fresh flowers in both appearance and texture. Preserved flowers are not dried flowers; the sap is substituted by a conserving liquid which allows the flower to remain in its moment of optimum beauty, like the elixir of eternal youth! Both fresh and preserved flowers are natural flowers.

Ideas for decorating with Verdissimo’s preserved roses

Centrepieces: At Verdissimo you will find a large selection of roses in different colours and varieties. Combine them with foliage or exotic leaves and you will have a unique centrepiece.

Wall compositions: Create your own plant murals by mixing preserved moss with Standard Rose heads. Vertical compositions have become one of the most original and amazing decorative trends for interiors.

A single flower as a decorative detail: If you want to enhance a special corner, your desk, dresser or bookcase, place a long-stemmed rose in a tall vase for instant glamour and elegance!

At Verdissimo you will find an incredible variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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