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The flower of June is the rose

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The flower of June is the rose

You only have to go out on the street to verify it: In June, roses are the quintessential flowers! At this time, parks and gardens are full of roses to signal the end of spring and warmly welcome the summer. With their elegance and delicate fragrance, they fill every corner with beauty. Would you like to enjoy their delicate beauty all year long?

Natural roses all year long

Thanks to the extensive variety of preserved roses in our catalogue, you can enjoy the extraordinary beauty of roses during the whole year, without fearing that they will wilt and lose their freshness and beauty: long-stem roses to highlight a corner, different coloured rose heads to create beautiful decorative compositions, or our incredible Premium V Rose, which is large and of unbeatable beauty, perfect to give as a gift and to surprise a loved one.

Rose: The favourite flower

Did you know that, according to statistics, the rose is the favourite flower all over the world?

Rose bushes are shrubs that are characterised, above all, for their flowers and for the thorns on their stems. All over the world, roses are considered to be the queens of gardens, and rose bushes, the decorative shrubs that are most used in the decoration of parks and gardens. The term rose garden has been established, to define a garden of rose bushes!

One of the most striking characteristics of roses is their incredible range of colours. As they are a flower that is really valued for its beauty and fragrance, many extremely spectacular and colourful hybrid varieties have been created. Currently, there are more than 30,000 registered varieties. The most traditional even have different associated meanings based on their colour:

  • Red rose = Passion
  • White rose = Purity
  • Orange rose = Friendship
  • Yellow rose = Happiness
  • Roses rose = Esteem

Roses for decorating

Roses are seen in all kinds of floral decoration. Floral arrangements and compositions with roses adapt to any decorative option:

  • Romantic ambiences

As centrepieces arranged with fine china plates, traditional glassware and a linen tablecloth.

  • Open-air celebrations

Flowerpots filled with yellow, orange and pink roses. Rustic place settings and informal cutlery.

  • Modern decoration

Roses are perfect for creating avant-garde compositions, according to the new trends in floral art: minimalist compositions, mixing traditional arrangements with exotic leaves, combining flowers and textures…the only limit is your imagination! Try a bold floral decoration based on pieces in black and white, metal, glass and straight lines. The effect is amazing!

Roses are synonymous with beauty, elegance, refinement and freshness. They instantly add a fresh and natural touch to any space, be it in bunches, bouquets, or as centrepieces. This summer, fill your home with freshness and beauty by putting roses in every corner.

At Verdissimo you will find an incredible variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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