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The Importance of Floral Décor in Your Home

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La importancia de la decoracion floral en tu hogar - verdissimo

The Importance of Floral Décor in Your Home

The home is one of the most important spaces in a person’s life because it’s where we rest and where we get together with family and friends. The home is one of the pillars of life, so we have to take care of it and give it the respect that we deserves. So, how can you make your home a comfortable place that’s full of energy? With floral décor!

La importancia de la decoracion floral en tu hogar - verdissimo

In this article we’re going to reveal to you the principle benefits of floral décor in the home. We’ll also review some plants and flowers that are perfect for decorating living spaces based on the style you’re going for: boho, vintage, rustic, country…  With regards to this point, you may enjoy reading our articles “How to Decorate the Interior of a Rural House with Preserved Flowers” and “Red Roses and Boho Décor.”

Benefits of floral décor in the home

At Verdissimo we believe that there are four main benefits that decorating the spaces in your house with flowers or plants will provide for you and your family:

  • Mood elevation: Flowers can considerably improve people’s moods and also provoke positive feelings by evoking memories such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, etc.
  • Stress reduction: Various studies have revealed that the color from flowers has a powerful nerve-calming effect on people, reducing the risk of suffering from stress.
  • Providing color and liveliness: Flowers help to create environments that are full of color and vitality, especially flowers with vibrant colors, such as pink, red, blue, or yellow, which colors add a special touch to more chic-style homes.
  • Creating natural spaces: Flowers are essential for creating fresh, natural environments, especially in flats in the middle of a city.

Home décor with Verdissimo’s plants or flowers

At Verdissimo we have a wide variety of preserved plants and flowers that are perfect for interior décor, such as roses, chrysanthemums, gardenias, orchids, or hortensias in various colors that you can combine with greeneries such as eucalyptus, poplar, chestnut, beech… We recommend that you see our catalog of preserved plants and flowers.

On the other hand, depending on the type of décor you’re going for, you will want to select different types of flowers. In the case of boho décor, flowers with attention-drawing, vibrant colors are ideal, whereas for rustic décor branches, greeneries, and flowers with neutral colors are much more appropriate.

Likewise, we recommend the article “The Power of Plants in Feng Shui Décor” and “Interior Décor: Give Your House a Touch of Freshness.

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