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The Importance of Plants in Feng Shui Decoration

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The Importance of Plants in Feng Shui Decoration

Floral decoration has many benefits for our wellbeing, above all if it’s based on Feng Shui decoration. This system, based on the harmonious arrangement of spaces with the objective of positively influencing people, gives us the key to which plants we should use and where to put them to bring harmony to our home.

Feng Shui - Verdissimo

At Verdissimo, we know the importance of flowers and plants in this kind of decoration, which is why we suggest that you use the best products on the market: preserved flowers and plants.

Feng Shui plants and flowers

If you want to improve the flow of energy and create a space for wellbeing and success, use Feng Shui in your home. So, there are many preserved plants and flowers that you can use. Here are some of them:

Preserved white roses

The light colour of this flower puts it on the list of ying flowers. White roses symbolise prosperity, they protect your house and transmit serenity.

Preserved red roses

If you decorate your home with this kind of flower, you will bring lots of love and happiness to your home.

Preserved chrysanthemums

In Feng Shui, chrysanthemums are used a lot because they are flowers that promote life and longevity and they are also the symbol of joy, happiness and serenity.

Preserved hydrangeas

These flowers don’t only bring happiness and joy, but also improve the relationship between a couple who are going through a rough patch.

Plants: Decoration based on all kinds of green plants transmits the necessary peace to the members of your home and will reduce stress. This philosophy recommends that you place some green plants in your home or business to attract positive energy and renew the air in the whole space.

Where to place preserved flowers according to Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, the placement of plants and flowers in a home can really change our life.

  • Place plants and flowers in windows and balconies to repel negative energy.
  • Decorate the living room with plants: It is the place where the family spend the most time together and plants facilitate communication between everyone and their wellbeing as well as purifying the whole atmosphere.
  • Place plants at the sides of your hall to shorten it. Therefore, you will ensure that positive energy won’t pass too quickly.

Remember that according to Feng Shui you shouldn’t put plants or flowers in the bathroom because you will attract negative energy.

At Verdissimo you will find a wide variety of preserved plants and flowers to achieve a perfect and long-lasting Feng Shui decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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