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The Meaning Behind Green Roses and Their Main Uses

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el significado de las rosas verdes y sus principales usos - verdissimo

The Meaning Behind Green Roses and Their Main Uses

Here at Verdissimo, the world’s largest producer of preserved flowers and plants, we’d like to use this article to tell you about everything that know about green roses: their history, their meaning, and their main uses.

el significado de las rosas verdes y sus principales usos - verdissimo

The History of the Green Rose

The green rose is one of the less common roses. The first known rose of this color in Europe dates to 1856 and was created and introduced by a British nursery: Bembridge and Harrison.

The Meaning of the Green Rose

The color green is the color of hope, rest, and youth, and also balance between mind and body. Most of this color’s meanings are very positive.

Likewise, the green rose’s meanings have very positive connotations and very closely linked to the meanings of the color itself.

The green rose is also a symbol of freshness, after all, green is the color of nature. This color always brings a lot of life to any room, regardless of its from roses, plants, or decorative objects.

Uses of the Green Rose

Most of the time, Verdissimo’s green roses have one main use: interior décor. Within this scope, their uniqueness and beauty make them the main element of many floral arrangements.

Nevertheless, décor isn’t the only use of the green rose. This flower is perfect for gift-giving on several occasions:

  • New relationships, that is to say, when you’re beginning a new relationship or are restarting an old relationship, whether with a family member, a friend, a partner, etc.
  • Work: this flower is perfect for giving as a gift at work or at the beginning of a project so as to transmit hope and balance. The idea behind giving this type of flower as a gift is to demonstrate a desire for a good start and to give encouragement.

Verdissimo’s Green Roses

At Verdissimo we have a wide variety of roses in different colors.

The varieties that come in green are the following:

All these varieties come in the same shade of green: Green Tea. This shade is a very vibrant green, capable of bringing light and freshness to any floral composition and any environment.

If you would like to know the meanings of roses of other colors, we recommend reading the following articles: “The Meaning Behind Orange Roses”, “The Meaning Behind Yellow Roses”, “The Meaning Behind Pink Roses and Their Uses and Varieties”, “White Roses: What Do They Signify?” y “The Meaning Behind Red Roses”.

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