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The Meaning of Hydrangeas

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el significado de las hortensias - verdissimo

The Meaning of Hydrangeas

Popular culture gives a different meaning to every flower. In this regard, hydrangeas do not have a good reputation, without doubt for unjust or arbitrary reasons. According to what some believe, women who have hydrangeas in their houses fight a lot with their husbands, and single women will remain single all their lives due to the evil influence of these plants.

el significado de las hortensias - verdissimo

The Legend of the hydrangeas

According to the legend, the French King Luis XIV told his men to look for new varieties across the seas to decorate the gardens of his palaces. Apparently, on board the boat that left for Brazil, a weak and fragile cabin boy lived, and everyone made fun of him. On arriving at the Brazilian coast, the indigenous people captured the cabin boy, who was called Banet.

After getting him freed, the crew realised that the boy that everyone thought was a weak and vulnerable man, was in fact a beautiful woman, strong and purposeful, who had dressed as a man so as to leave her country and discover the world. On returning to France, the king, who had heard of her epic journey, named one of the flowers that they had brought in the boat from Brazil with the real name of the fake cabin boy Banet: Did you guess the name? Hydrangea. Since then, hydrangea has a double meaning: exhaustion and vulnerability on the one hand; femininity and temperance on the other.

Hydrangeas features

Hydrangeas are shrubs that, according to different versions, come from America or the Far East. Their oval leaves that end in points are large and have an intense green colour, and when Autumn arrives, they wither and fall.

Regarding the flowers, these are green when they are growing and when they mature, they turn into different colours. The most common are pink and blue tones, although they can also be white, green, violet or purple. The flowers, which are small, group together forming a kind of pompom called a corymb, which are very colourful and have great decorative value.

Hydrangea is an outdoor plant that can’t withstand strong sun in summer and withstands well the cold of winter. Its size and delicate colours make it a highly decorative element. Verdissimo’s hydrangeas are preserved flowers that keep their appearance and texture intact for many months and even years, with minimal maintenance. They are perfect for making all kinds of floral compositions which are natural and simple. Preserved hydrangeas, because of their softness, are one of the favourite flowers for brides to make their bridal bouquets. And, they are always great for creating romantic and evocative environments.

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Types of preserved hydrangeas at Verdissimo

Here at Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers, we have different types of hydrangeas:

  • Premium: the colors of premium hydrangeas are quite vibrant and each one has its own meaning. At Verdissimo, you can find this variety of hydrangea in white, pink, light blue, green, red and lilac.

hydrangeas premium - Verdissimo

  • Standard: standard hydrangeas boast of different shades of green and brown, blue, red and a darker pink.

hydrangeas standard - Verdissimo

  • Natural Bicolor: Regarding natural bicolor hydrangeas, as the name suggests, they combine different colors, including greens, pinks and blues.

hydrangeas bicolor - Verdissimo

At Verdissimo, you’ll find an immense variety of preserved flowers and plants for interior decorating.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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