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The Meaning of Pink Roses, Their Uses, and Varieties

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The Meaning of Pink Roses, Their Uses, and Varieties

On numerous occasions we’ve taken the time to talk about preserved roses, the most beautiful flowers in the world.

This time, here at Verdissimo, the biggest producer of preserved plants and flowers, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about the significance of pink roses and their uses, and we’ll also tell you about the different varieties of pink roses that we have in our catalog:

  • King: we carry this preserved rose in different shades of pink, from pastel pink to bridal pink and cherry blossom. In any of these shades of pink, it’s considered the flower par excellence by florists due to the many uses to which it lends itself.
  • Premium: the Premium rose can be found in pastel pink, cherry blossom, and a shade that King doesn’t have: dark pink. This is the most popular flower for romantic and boho-chic arrangements, where the lion’s share of the emphasis falls on this flower and its color.
  • Extra: the Extra variety shares colors with the Premium. The versatility of this variety of preserved flower helps it to be the perfect option for any floral composition.
  • Standard: the Standard rose also shares its colors in common with the Premium and Extra, and like the King variety, it’s one of the preserved flowers that’s most frequently used by florists for creating all kinds of floral arrangements.
  • Medium: this variety of flower has a unique shade of pink known as vintage pink, and it’s a flower that’s capable of adding more color without overwhelming any composition.
  • Princess: this is the preferred flower for floral arrangements due to the perfection of its dimensions and its shades of pink, making it, of all of Verdissimo’s products, one of the ones that’s most compatible with other products.

Send a message of gratitude with a pink rose

Pink roses signify gratefulness. If you give someone the gift of a pink rose, you’re saying “thank you” to them.

In addition, the color pink connotes the absence of malevolence or false pretenses, regardless of the particular shade of the rose. Nevertheless, if the shade is more of a light pink, then it symbolizes the admiration and sympathy felt towards the other person.

If you would like to know the meaning of these flowers based on their color, we recommend reading the following article: “The meaning of roses according to their color”.

For any gift or composition of roses, choose preserved flowers because they’re very long-lasting products that maintain their beauty with almost no maintenance, that is to say, they don’t need light or water.

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