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The meaning of the black rose

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The meaning of the black rose

The black rose is one of the least known roses. Typically other types of roses are chosen for decoration, or even gifts. However, these black-colored flowers are valuable for decoration and the meaning of the black rose also makes it the perfect flower for a gift.

In this post, from Verdissimo, we’ll tell you about the origin and the meaning of black roses, and also reveal which ones you can find at Verdissimo.

Origin of the black rose

Currently, there are still many doubts about the origin of the black rose. It’s believed this flower originates from Holland, though others say the first flowers were found in Uruguay.

Also, nowadays there are many people who confuse black roses with roses having violet or dark red petals.

The meaning of the black rose

The meaning of roses varies a lot according to color. Regarding the meaning of the black rose, we should note that its origin comes from ancient civilizations. In particular, this unknown flower was given great importance in ancient Rome, where it was associated with power.

Besides being related to power, the black rose is also linked to feelings of love and passion, typically ones that are more complicated.

So, when do you give a black rose as a gift?

Keeping in mind the meaning of the black rose, you can give a rose with this color to somebody special when he/she has been promoted, to give him/her the strength to face this new era of life.

Another good moment to give a black rose could be when you’re going through a hard time with your partner and want to show how much you love him/her, despite the fact that you’re not experiencing your best moment. The black rose and eternal love are two closely related concepts.

The black rose in decoration

The black rose in decoration is perfect for understated, sophisticated and elegant styles. It can be used in very minimal floral compositions or placed alone in glass vases as centerpieces. An ideal option to give a personal touch to your home!

Black roses at Verdissimo

Now that you know what the meaning of the black rose is and when you should give it as a gift, you may be wondering where you can find it.

At Verdissimo, you can find different types of black roses, in different sizes and shapes. These roses are the following:

Choose the best one for your needs and remember that all our products are preserved, including the black rose, so it will keep its beauty over time for months and even years, without needing hardly any maintenance.

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