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The moss ball, ally of interior decorators

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El musgo bola, el aliado de los interioristas

The moss ball, ally of interior decorators

Preserved moss balls maintain their colour and qualities for a long time. Thats why the moss is perfect for floral arrangements.

El musgo bola, el aliado de los interioristas

This is why they are an essential element in floral decoration. According to the latest trends in interior decoration, natural materials are back in fashion: designer floral compositions, murals made with moss and other plants, chandeliers, picture frames, and even moss tiles to cover and decorate walls and floors!

Moss is one of the essential elements in any plant and floral arrangement. It is so much more than the typical Christmas decoration, when year after year we insist on covering the desert sands with opposing elements like snow and moss; this hardy and decorative plant has one thousand and one uses in decoration.

Moss balls can be found in wet, cool places, normally on wet stones. Interior designers have found in moss the perfect ally for their indoor plant decoration projects. In many cultures this plant has been used as a decorative element since ancient times. Today, interior decoration with fresh and preserved plants is very important and has many uses, for example:


Floral decoration on the table will instantly enhance and brighten it up. Interior designers often use these decorations to create unique and personalised ambiences:

  • Weddings: Moss creations create romantic and sweet atmospheres: They are perfect for making centrepieces, bridal bouquets, garlands…
  • Anniversary parties: What better way to complement the golden wedding anniversary of our grandparents than with a nostalgic centrepiece made from flowers and moss on the table?
  • Elegant dinner parties: Simply putting a plate in the middle of the table with moss, candles, and small, rounded pebbles will create a sophisticated and elegant ambience.

An original Christmas decoration

Moss is an essential element when creating indoor Christmas decorations: garlands of flowers, centrepieces, candle rings…use your imagination to mix moss with different materials, textures, and colours, allowing you to make original creations which are a great alternative to the typical Christmas decoration.

Plant mural decoration

Recently, interior designers are increasingly using plant decoration. It is becoming more common to see this type of decoration in shops, visiting rooms, and offices. Vertical walls like paintings made from preserved moss and plants give a fresh and relaxed touch to any ambience.

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