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The Preserved Flower of the Month: The Mini Calla

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La flor preservada del mes la mini cala - Verdissimo

The Preserved Flower of the Month: The Mini Calla

The mini calla is the flower of the month at Verdissimo. With the amount of weddings that you have at this time of year, surely you see them everywhere. And, brides always opt to include this flower in their bridal bouquet. Also, it is the best time of year for coloured calla lilies, they begin to flower at the end of spring and…they last all summer!

La flor preservada del mes la mini cala - Verdissimo

However, thanks to the great number of preserved flowers that Verdissimo offer, you can enjoy the purity of calla lilies during all the seasons of the year and, if you would like, decorate interiors with them.

Origin and characteristics of the mini calla

This flower, from South Africa, called Zantedeschia aethiopica, is also commonly known as arum lily, ring of Ethiopia, water lily, duck flower, jug or cone flower, and it exists in many colours. The most characteristic is the white colour, a symbol of elegance, nobility, simplicity and purity.

This elegance makes these flowers perfect for any event, converting every corner into a very special place.

Would you like to know more about the mini calla? Do you want to know how to decorate your home with these flowers? At Verdissimo, we will tell you!

Mini Calla and decoration

The calla lily is a very bright flower that has large bell-shaped flowers. It is perfect for indoors, outdoors and water gardens. Their purity means that they are used often to decorate minimalist spaces, where simplicity, elegance and light are everything.

The really pure colours of the calla lily also make them perfect for decorating indoor patios, where these flowers project a beautiful sensation, making the space much more contemporary.

Also, if you are thinking of having a dinner or event this summer, remember that calla lilies are perfect for centrepieces. To make one, use flowers of the same colour and put them in a beautiful vase in the colour you most like. Also, you can make a loop with the mini calla.

Do you want to know more facts about mini calla?

This flower is very important in some religions like Buddhism or Hinduism. It is considered a symbol of purity, creation and divine birth. The meaning given to the calla lily in many religions is what has made it so popular and what makes it be used as a cut-flower for brides to use in their bridal bouquet.

Caring for mini calla

This flower doesn’t require much care, but if you live in a cold place, it’s recommendable that you put your mini calla in the sun or in the hottest place you can find.

Also, these flowers prefer humidity, which is why they are often grown in places next to ponds or lagoons.

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