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The wedding planner trend and preserved flowers in weddings

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The wedding planner trend and preserved flowers in weddings

Times change and trends change as well. Now, the rhythm of life makes us cherish our free time. This is why people are looking for new solutions for new needs. Like hiring an expert in organisation and planning for your wedding to take care of all the details. Or, like using preserved flowers to decorate the wedding instead of fresh flowers, which wither and spoil after a short time.

Are you getting married? Hire a wedding planner!

One of the most important figures in the organisation of weddings and events is the wedding planner, who makes sure the wedding is perfect. Do you know about this trend?

A wedding planner is the person who is in charge of all the organisational details so that the wedding celebration is a success: invite the guests, prepare the tables, find the perfect rings, teach the waltz, agree on a menu with the bride and groom and, of course, decorate and create the romantic ambience that the occasion needs with a gorgeous and stunning floral decoration.

The wedding day is the most important day in the lives of a couple in love. They are together with their families, friends and closest contacts. Everything should be perfect so that the bride and groom and their guests are happy! A wedding planner is responsible for ensuring that this happens. This person, whose role comes from the United States, becomes the fairy godmother who turns the dream wedding into a reality.

Preserved flowers: Perfect for the personalised decoration of weddings and events

Floral decoration is one of the main challenges that a wedding planner faces. It is important that the chosen place has the appearance that the bride and groom imagined for their big day: romantic, intimate, happy, elegant, simple, marine, rustic…Thanks to floral decoration, the place where the celebration is held can be “customised” with exclusive and personalised floral compositions.

To achieve long-lasting results, preserved flowers are the perfect option to guarantee the desired result. Preserved flowers and plants have endless uses both for interior decoration and for floral art, to make bridal bouquets, centrepieces, or floral art gifts for the guests. Their excellent value for money and the fact that they do not need special conditions for their maintenance make preserved flowers an essential element in all kinds of events, something that wedding planners know well!

At Verdissimo you will find an incredible variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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