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Three Preserved Flowers to Give in August

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Three Preserved Flowers to Give in August

Summer is here! Our gardens are full of colour and we are full of joy. If we have a special friend, a much loved family member or simply someone who we adore, and we want to give a gift to them, but…what gift?

From Verdissimo, we propose that you give preserved flowers. These flowers are ideal for the month of August and we assure you that they will be a success. However, you should pay attention when choosing which flower to give, as depending on the person and the reason for the gift, some flowers are more adequate than others.

We propose these three flowers:

Preserved Roses

Roses are the most prized flowers in the whole world. They are symbols of elegance and are the queens of any garden. Depending on the person to whom you are going to give the roses, choose the colour accordingly.

Red roses

This colour is the symbol of passion and love, which is why we recommend them if the gift is for your partner. The reason doesn’t matter, however, for a reconciliation, a bouquet of red roses is perfect.

Pink roses

These flowers represent romanticism, which is why they are perfect for giving to your partner.

Yellow roses

Yellow represents the sun and its energy. A bouquet of yellow roses is, therefore, a good gift for someone who you hold in high esteem, like a relative or a friend, as it is the symbol of happiness and good vibrations.

White roses

These flowers are the symbol of purity and innocence. They are a good gift for children on the day of their communion or a good gift to congratulate a new mother, etc.…

Preserved tuberose

Tuberoses are the flowers associated with risk, adventure and the most dangerous pleasures. If you want to send a message expressing great feelings, this is the ideal flower.

Preserved orchids

These flowers are very attractive and elegant, characteristics that make us think of them when we are going to give someone a bouquet. As with the other flowers, depending on the person and the reason for the gift, you should choose the appropriate colour wisely.

White orchids

These flowers in white represent a feeling of pure love. So, they are an ideal gift for your partner, to tell them what your relationship means to you.

Yellow orchids

You should choose the right moment and the right person to give yellow orchids to. These flowers in this colour symbolize the most sensual part of love.

Red orchids

Orchids in this colour symbolise passion between a couple. They are the perfect gift to show your partner how much you love him/her.

Blue orchids

They evoke calm and peace, which is why, if your intention is to send a message of peace to someone, they are a great choice.

Pink orchids

If you want to conquer a woman, pink orchids are the key. These flowers in this colour are the symbol of seduction.

At Verdissimo you will find a wide range of preserved flowers and plants.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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