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Thuja, ideal for creating natural and fresh spaces

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Thuja, ideal for creating natural and fresh spaces

Thuja is a tree, also known as cedar, which has become very popular with designers and landscapers in recent years.

It’s a conifer with a particular decorative use and the aim of using it in arrangements is to create welcoming spaces with that fresh touch and unique naturalness.

Conifers are a type of tree or bush that have cone-shaped branches. This shape is ideal for ornamental trees to create indoor gardens or for sole arrangements in the corner between two walls.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Thujas you can get from Verdissimo , the leading producer of preserved flowers and plants, and also the maintenance required for a Thuja from Verdissimo:

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Thujas from Verdissimo

1. Thuja Orientalis

Thuja Orientalis, also known as Platycladus Orientalis, is a species originating from temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. This species has very distinctive and striking green leaves.

These leaves are capable of giving any space a country-style feel. In floral compositions, they provide a wooded ambiance ideal for more rustic decoration.

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2. Cupressus Thuja/h3>
At Verdissimo, we also have the Thuja tree, called Cupressus, which like other species, is an ideal product for rustic decoration. It’s a must for giving a natural feel to spaces at home or work, whether in the city or the country.

Maintenance of Thujas from Verdissimo

Thujas from Verdissimo, like all our products, require little to no maintenance. Thuja is a preserved product, so it’s able to retain its beauty for months and even years without needing water or light.

How can I decorate spaces with Thuja?

It’s easy to decorate spaces with Thuja since it’s a product that perfectly combines with other plants and also can “fill” a space on its own. You can place it in a pot in any room of the house: living room, dining room, kitchen and even bathrooms or bedrooms.

Even though Thuja is the ideal tree for more country-style and rustic decoration, it also goes well with other decorative styles. Some of these include: boho-chic, industrial and even more modern and sophisticated styles.

To have Thuja create one feel or another in a space, it’s important that you keep in mind the pot you place it in, since this design and material will be key.

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