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Decoration with preserved topiary

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decoration with preserved topiary - verdissimo

Decoration with preserved topiary

You must have heard of the concept of “topiary” before. But do you know exactly what it refers to? In this post from Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers, we’ll talk about what a topiary is, different art and decoration with topiary and much more.

decoration with preserved topiary - verdissimo

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What is topiary?

Topiary is one of the most renowned gardening techniques in the world. It’s been used for years in the floral art industry and it’s well-known because the technique is used by the French to give shape to trees and brushes in large gardens of great cities.

To get the results seen in these large gardens, several gardening sessions are required. It’s the best way to get the desired geometric shapes and the striking decoration that leaves nobody indifferent.

This technique isn’t just applied to trees, but also flowers to create beautiful floral compositions. It’s done with pruning shears, like other gardening techniques. However, sometimes wire frames in the shape of the topiary are used to guide the shears, though the traditional technique depends solely on the patience and professionalism of the floral artist.

What shapes can be made using this gardening technique? A variety of geometric shapes can be made. The most common ones are: spirals, obelisks, cones, columns, circles and many others.

Shapes don’t have to be just geometric. There are highly qualified artists that make them into animals, such as cats, toads, lizards, dogs, etc., or objects such as shoes. This requires great patience.

In the image below, we’ll show you an example made using preserved products.

decoracion con topiarios y preservado img1 - verdissimo

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Where is the most famous topiary found in the world?

Nowadays, some of the world’s most famous topiary is found in Versailles, Elvaston Castle, Keitaku (a garden located in Japan), and Levens Hall and Cumbria Gardens.

In the next section, we’ll show you some examples of topiary art and decoration!

Topiary art and decoration

Below, we’ll talk about topiary art and decoration. In this section, we’ll distinguish between flower topiary and tree topiary.

Flower topiary

Topiary using flowers is a technique that consists in giving flowers a shape to create lovely floral compositions. In the images below, we’ll show you some examples.

Topiary with red roses

decoracion con topiarios y preservado img2 - verdissimo

In the image above, we’ll show you a topiary with red roses, perfect for decorating romantic events: anniversaries, couple dinners, St. Valentine’s Day, etc. The shape is completely circular and the single color provides an elegant and serious touch.

Topiary with white roses

decoracion con topiarios y preservado img3 - verdissimo

In this image, we’ll show you a topiary with white flowers, specifically roses. It’s ideal for decorating spaces in the vintage or romantic style. We adore these compositions for decorating some spaces at home, for example: hallways, bedrooms, etc.

Tree topiary

Now we’ll show you examples of tree topiary. In the image below, you’ll see different decorative trees with the aim of decorating spaces using this technique.

decoracion con topiarios y preservado img4 - verdissimo

Preserved topiary

Does preserved topiary exist? Is the best topiary natural or artificial?

Yes, preserved topiary exists. We can’t say whether natural or artificial topiary is best. However, as you may know, preserved products are completely natural and don’t require water or light to stay maintained in perfect condition. This means that gardening work on the product doesn’t require any maintenance afterwards and it’s as natural as any freshly cut product.

At Verdissimo, you can find preserved topiary: Topiary Hedera.

Topiary Hedera

Topiary Hedera is a topiary shrub. It’s one of the most recommended products for Mediterranean decoration, especially for its bright green shades. Also, this product is capable of giving a classic look to any space.

The effect this product makes in decoration is contrast, delicacy, freshness and volume. It depends on where you place it and the type of furniture and decoration you use to create certain effects or others.

At our company, you can get this product in different sizes and if you want, you can also get it with two spheres.

The sizes are the following: 0.50 meters, 0.65 meters, 1 meter, and 1.40 meters.

Any size is suitable for decorating restaurants, homes, interior patios, etc.

At Verdissimo, all our products are preserved. You can find many types of flowers, plants and trees to decorate any interior space or any short-term event. Remember that these products don’t last very long outside.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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