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3 traditional floral arrangements

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traditional floral arrangements - verdissimo

3 traditional floral arrangements

There are many types of floral arrangements, though for ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms and communions, traditional floral arrangements are the most sought-after.

If you want to find out more about these types of arrangements: from how to make a floral arrangement to some designs for traditional floral arrangements in style this season, don’t miss our article.

How to make a floral arrangement

Wondering how to make floral arrangements? From Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers, we encourage you to make simple and traditional floral arrangements, using pots or vases made of wood or glass, with flowers such as roses or gardenias, alone or combined with filler.

Try to make this type of floral arrangement! It’s easy!

Types of floral arrangements

There are many types of floral arrangements. Some of the most common this season are the following:

  • Boho floral arrangements: These are floral arrangements made of bright flowers, such as red flowers.
  • Country-style floral arrangements: These country-style floral arrangements are typically made with products such as lavender.
  • Minimalist floral arrangements: These are the simplest arrangements, perfect for minimal or even Nordic decoration. Elephant Red is commonly used for making minimalist floral arrangements.
  • Traditional floral arrangements: These floral arrangements with roses are the most traditional for events, especially white roses for weddings, among others.

3 traditional floral arrangements

We’ll show you three examples of traditional floral arrangements in this article: one with red roses, another in a monochromatic style and the last by combining different products.

Floral arrangement with roses

This is one of the most simple, traditional and striking floral arrangements. It consists of a set of beautiful red roses set in a simple glass vase. It’s a very striking arrangement where roses take the lead.

Monochromatic floral arrangement

Floral arrangements with a single color are in style this season. They use different flowers, but within the same range of colors. In the image above, you can see one of the floral arrangements made with preserved flowers from Verdissimo (roses and hydrangeas) in different shades of blue.

Combined floral arrangement

This floral arrangement combines different products and roses in several colors, as well as greens, creating a beautiful contrast. In the image above, you can see pink roses in different shades and white roses, with the entire arrangement in an original cement pot.

Now that you have more info about traditional floral arrangements…get to work! And remember that at Verdissimo, you can find all kinds of preserved plants and flowers to make any arrangement. These products are completely natural and organic. In addition, they hardly need any maintenance to keep their beauty over time.

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