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Tropical Decoration – Ideas with preserved products

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Decoración tropical con Verdissimo

Tropical Decoration – Ideas with preserved products

Tropical decoration comes with strength this 2022. It positions itself as one of the main trends in decoration, both in homes and in restaurants and hotels.

Decoración tropical con Verdissimo

Discover the most relevant information about tropical decoration from the hand of Verdissimo, the greatest preserved plants and flowers producer.

Main characteristics of tropical decoration

Being able to recognize tropical decoration is very easy if you know all of its characteristics. In this section we will make a small compilation of the main ones:

  • Use of bright colors: pastel colors are not used in tropical decoration, only vibrant and energetic colors are used. In the next section, we will talk in more detail about colors.
  • Natural materials: The use of natural materials is essential, for example, wood, leaves, plants…
  • Jungle imitation: one of the main characteristics of tropical environments is that they look like an imitation of a real jungle.
  • Floral motifs: floral motifs are everywhere, floral motifs are found on textiles, on wallpaper paper, on furniture, even on tableware.
  • Use of wood: the use of wooden furniture predominates, normally on dark wood furniture, you could think this would make the environment feel too stuffy but it doesn’t! if you bet on white walls and bright environments the atmosphere will be incredible.

Decoraciones realizada por la empresa Green Decorum en el restaurante Quintin y El Patio del Fisgón

Tropical decoration colors

The colors for tropical decoration are mainly two: blue and Green. Yellow can also be a part of the decoration but it’s less predominant. Only yellow accents may be placed and the spaces should be wrapped in blues and greens of different tonalities.

How do we use these colors? You can combine blue, green, and yellow or use only blue and green and combine it with yellow in any of its tonalities, it can also be combined in different shades of greens and blues.

What does the blue color mean? If you bet for blue for tropical decoration you will get a calm space full of harmony, since it represents stability and peace. It’s a color that transmits trust and it’s perfect to be used in the decoration of homes and workspaces.

What does the Green color mean? The color green is the color of life, nature, and freshness…It’s the color of the environment and transmits very positive sensations. It’s the tropical decoration color most used by everyone, ideal in all its tonalities.

What does the yellow color mean? Unlike what many may think, the color yellow represents joy and vitality. A color that brings originality to any environment.

Leaves and tropical branches

These are some of the leaves and tropical branches from Verdissimo. Preserved products with which you can give your space the tropical touch you want:


The monstera is a tropical leaf. It has a very characteristic aesthetic because its shape reminds us of the ribs of a skeleton. It’s a philodendron commonly known as Adam’s rib, which gives it great symbolic value. How to recognize it? It has a characteristic that makes it a special product because it has very fleshy and trimmed leaves with a very vibrant green.

Hojas de Palmera

These are the leaves of the most typical palm trees in the Canary Islands, they are bushy with pinnate leaves arranged in a spiral. These palm trees are native to the United States and also to Mexico and are known as Washingtonia filifera. What are these leaves physically like? They stand out for having a petiole that ends in a kind of rounded fan.

Ideas to make a tropical decoration

Are you thinking about decorating a space with a tropical style? Here we give you some ideas that we love

  • Place plants, especially palm leaves, and even, if it fits, you can bet for palm trees. Even vases with intense green products.
  • Bet on wallpapers with parrots, palm trees, and palm tree patterns. It’s a way of going back a bit to what Art deco was.
  • Place wicker across chairs, lamps, placemats, etc. It will give a more natural and beachy look to our decoration.
  • Don’t forget about the pineapples. They are a typical element of tropical decoration. We find them in ceramic, as a simple decoration object, in the shape of a lamp, stamped on cushions, etc.

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