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Flower of the month: Tuberose

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Flower of the month: Tuberose

The tuberose, also commonly known as “St. Joseph’s staff,” is one of the most beautiful and popular ornamental plants.

Its lovely flowers make it an ideal choice for any floral art composition.

Preserved tuberose

This plant, whose scientific name is Nardostachys grandiflora, belongs to the Valerian family. It’s native to the Himalayas. The so-called “St. Joseph’s staff” (Polianthes tuberosa) is a variety from Mexico and is very common in Central American countries.

The adult plant usually reaches a meter in height. Its flowers are typically shaped like spikes and have a white or light pink color. Flowering takes place from late summer to early fall, or between September and October (depending on the hemisphere).

This plant needs a lot of sunlight, soil rich in organic nutrients and a good blend of sand and clay.

However, you can find preserved tuberoses any time of the year and they hardly require any maintenance, since they don’t need light or water to keep their beauty.

Tuberose in floral decoration

These bulbous plants are grown in order to cut off the flowers and use them in decoration. Tuberoses have a very beautiful white flower that is used in all kinds of floral arrangements, alone or combined with other flowers.

Nowadays, tuberoses are used in a great variety of floral decoration: from receptions and churches, to white tuberoses at big events, such as weddings.

Color varieties of preserved tuberose

At Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers, we have preserved tuberoses in the following colors:

White tuberoses

As we’ve mentioned previously, white spikenards are the most common in floral arrangements for weddings: from banquet decoration to the bridal bouquet. For bouquets, elegant compositions are typically created alongside rose stems tied with satin ribbons. White is a symbol of purity and innocence, so white tuberoses are the most suitable for these ceremonies.

Pink tuberoses

Pink tuberoses are the most romantic. They’re used for more romantic celebrations: engagements, golden wedding celebrations and other anniversaries. Pink tuberoses are perfect for giving a chic flair to celebrations with rustic or even vintage styles. They’re also ideal for first communions.

Pink tuberoses - Verdissimo

Blue tuberoses

Blue tuberoses are ideal for night-time celebrations, open-air dinners, baptisms and all kinds of events. The color blue gives a touch of glamour and elegance to any floral composition.

Blue tuberoses - Verdissimo

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