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Verdissimo at the Agora Group Open-House Event

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Verdissimo en el evento de puertas abiertas de Agora Group-verdissimo

Verdissimo at the Agora Group Open-House Event

The international Agora Group organised an open day on 29 of August last at its central headquarters in Kontich, Belgium, to which Verdissimo, the largest producer in the world of preserved plants and flowers, was invited.

Verdissimo en el evento de puertas abiertas de Agora Group-verdissimo

The event lasted all day, from seven in the morning until nine at night, and various suppliers participated, one of which was Verdissimo, accompanied by Pedro Fuset, the creator of the company’s floral compositions.

The history of the Agora Group

The Agora Group was founded by Marc and Gerd Van Turnhout-Nails in 1981. Currently, it is the leading company in floral distribution at an international level with a trading service of the highest quality.

This quality is due to the thorough inspection that the Agora Group carries out on each one of their products before introducing them into the market.

Verdissimo as a guest

Verdissimo attended the open day, where a partnership was established with Belle d’Avalane Decoro, a Belgian company specialising in freeze-dried flowers.

In the showcase, they displayed their natural products and carried out different demonstrations with preserved flowers and plants, demonstrating some of their most evident advantages: their beauty, naturalness and freshness.

In addition to the advantages that are plain to see, Verdissimo’s products have other advantages, such as durability and that they are free from maintenance, in other words, they don’t need sunlight or water to be maintained.

The Verdissimo team at the open day

At the open day organised by the Agora Group, Pedro Fuset attended, Verdissimo’s designer, who is responsible for their ornamental compositions as well as being the person who was in charge of some of the most spectacular designs with preserved products, like the ornamental decoration of the headquarters of the company Panama Jack in Elche, the decoration with plant walls in the Madrid-based café Sushita Café, or the floral decoration of the National History Museum in Bucharest.

Also, two members of Verdissimo’s sales team attended: Jose Luis Vargas, international sales director, and Charifa Bami, the sales representative in the area.

The event’s atmosphere

Agora Group, together with each one of the participants, created a really fitting professional and festive atmosphere. In the enclosure, each one of the companies that attended helped to create an unforgettable, lively, and fun atmosphere. It was a great experience for all the florists who came to Konitch to demonstrate the best of the floral world.

At Verdissimo you will find a wide variety of special preserved flowers and plants for interior decoration, with great durability, beauty, and that are free from any maintenance.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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