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Verdissimo Decorates Bucharest Museum

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Verdissimo Decorates Bucharest Museum

We love being able to tell you that Verdissimo, experts in preserved flowers and plants, has once again been entrusted with the ornamental decoration of another much-visited space. Today, we are going to talk about the decoration of the Bucharest Museum.


From Romania, they asked for Verdissimo, so we could supply all the necessary products to decorate the interior of the museum.

What flowers and plants were used for the decoration?


These are perfect plants for decorating spaces because they combine very well with many other plants. They can be found in different colours, from chestnut to copper, and are ideal for giving movement to the space.

They are really in-fashion in all kinds of ornamental decorations due to their simplicity, beauty and easy maintenance.

In this case, the grasses were used to give the space a contemporary touch, inspired by their neutral colours, nature and softness.


Cupressus are the trees commonly known as cypresses. There are different species and many of them are grown in parks and gardens in Europe. This tree is normally used to create artistic forms by pruning them and they are often put indoors to add a touch of elegance to the space, which is why in Asia they are normally placed next to temples.


When we talk about juniperus, we are referring to junipers, a symbol of longevity, strength, athletic character and, above all, fertility.

Junipers in Asia are usually used in landscape gardening and horticulture. In this case, contemporary landscape gardening has been favoured while conserving the originality of the place, thanks to the subtlety and nature of junipers.

What ambience or style was reproduced in the museum?

Each one of the plants used in the decoration of the Bucharest Museum has been used with the aim of reproducing different ambiences that are typical of Romania, while trying to maintain a contemporary style to conserve the spectacular nature of the museum itself.

Ambience inspired by the Borgo Valley

The Borgo Valley is located in northern Transylvania between industrial, dark cities that give way to large natural spaces, full of fir trees and mountain farms. Very close to the valley is the spectacular blue Colibita lake.

One of the ambiences created by Verdissimo and Pedro Fusset was inspired by the passage from industrial to nature that is seen in the route to the Borgo Valley.

Ambience inspired by Brasov

Brasov is a city that is surrounded by nature, the perfection of the mountains, striking facades, and bohemian spirits. The gothic style of Vienna and Istanbul can also be seen in this Romanian city which is full of history, coinciding with the revival of cities, the bourgeoisie, and the representation of a changing world. Verdissimo, when decorating the museum, has been inspired by the elegance of this gothic style and by the transformation of the society of that era and they have represented this with different preserved plants; some beautiful by nature and others beautiful because of the transformation they have undergone after being worked on.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!




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