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Verdissimo’s Best Preserved Moss Decoration Projects

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Verdissimo’s Best Preserved Moss Decoration Projects

The preserved moss sold at Verdissimo, the biggest producer of preserved flowers, is one of the most popular products in decorating projects.

In this article we’re going to tell you about four spectacular designs in which preserved moss played the central role of the ornamental décor:

Sushita Café

Preserved moss is the star product of the décor of a restaurant in Madrid called Sushita Café, a place where they put up spectacular plant walls composed primarily of preserved moss.

Green Decorum’s goal when carrying out this décor project was to transmit, both to the customers and to the workers, specific feelings such as serenity, peace, and relaxation.

Of all the ornamental compositions that they created a Sushita Café, the ones that stood out the most were the aforementioned vertical gardens surrounding the rectangular mirrors located behind the main bar.
Sushita Café - verdissimo

La Palma Airport

During the first phase of decorating La Palma Airport they used preserved moss because it’s one of Verdissimo’s freshest products; specifically, they used spheres of ball moss since they make a perfect detail for interior décor with natural themes.

In this case, the project included pieces of large-sized ball moss placed throughout the hallways with the goal of generating visual impact and making the path for visitors through the airport a more pleasant one. They also created little gardens with flat moss and a green wall composed principally of moss.

The style created in this space has a very distinctive zen air about it thanks to the combination of the spheres, the sand, and the bonsais.
Palma airport - Verdissimo

Vuelta a España

Verdissimo’s preserved products were present at last year’s 2016 Vuelta a España. The scenery of this famous event was divided into three parts: The Neptune Zone, The Red Zone, and the Podium.

Preserved moss was seen only in the Neptune Zone in the form of balls of lichen, a very well-known species of moss plant that brings an aura of nature, freshness, and life to a space.

This project was carried out by Green Decorum, and the company decided to use Verdissimo’s lichen balls for the décor because the spherical shape helps to create much more avant-garde environments.
Vuelta a España - verdissimo


The décor for a company called Telenor, a famous Norwegian mobile phone company, is one project where Verdissimo’s preserved moss really stands out quite considerably.

Thanks to this versatile product, they were able to give the spaces in the company’s facilities their very own modern, innovative touch. The final results are especially jaw-dropping thanks to the balance of the environment, mixed with dynamic and static details.
Telenor - Verdissimo

At Verdissimo you’ll find an immense variety of preserved flowers and plants that don’t need water or light in order to be maintained and which retain their beauty for months or even years.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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