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Verdissimo’s Flower of November is the Red Carnation

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Verdissimo’s Flower of November is the Red Carnation

Verdissimo has decided to pay tribute to the carnation this month of November because it is one of the flowers that is most representative of the Mediterranean, and specifically of Spain.


The carnation shares importance with roses because both flowers are extremely beautiful and perfect for the ornamental decoration of interiors.

The origin and characteristics of carnations

The scientific name of the carnation is Dianthus Caryophyllus. It’s one of the most beautiful flowers of the Iberian Peninsula, thanks to its colourful flowers with jagged edges.

This flower can be found in different colours: reds, whites, pinks and oranges.

Together with the preserved rose, and regardless of the colour, the carnation is one of Verdissimo’s most popular products due to its undeniable beauty and charm, and because of its symbolism and its close relationship with ornamental decoration.

The meaning of carnations

Out of all the colours, red carnations are the most striking because of the intensity of the colour.

The meaning of red carnations is love, passion and admiration. When we talk about love, we are referring to any kind of love, not only romantic love. The love for a relative or friend is also represented by red carnations. In addition, carnations of this colour also symbolise admiration and respect for another person and they express great joy and invoke memories because they remind us of people who are not by our side and who we miss greatly.

Carnations in floral decoration

With red carnations, beautiful and striking floral arrangements can be created to decorate any room in your home and to strengthen Mediterranean decoration. Red carnations add the freshness and warmth necessary to each kind of space to create ambiences typical of the Iberian Peninsula, ambiences full of vitality and colour.

Carnations: An in-fashion trend

Red carnations are used a lot in the creation of floral headdresses and belts. As we told you in the post “Floral belts: The new trend in accessories, carnations are perfect for combining with other plants and/or flowers because they make fashion accessories that are really elegant, natural and special.

Currently, these kinds of accessories have become really fashionable for many ceremonies like day weddings, where floral headdresses, crowns or belts are capable of attracting all the attention.

Why choose preserved carnations?

Preserved carnations maintain their natural beauty for many months without needing any maintenance, not even sunlight or water.

Also, these flowers are much more economical because of their durability.

At Verdissimo you will find a wide variety of preserved flowers and plants.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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