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Washingtonia Palm: The Star of Indoor Patios

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Washingtonia Palm The Star of Indoor Patios verdissimo

Washingtonia Palm: The Star of Indoor Patios

Palms are one of the most highly regarded plants for decorating interior patios. In the article “Preserved palms. Decorating interior spaces” we talked about the ornamental role of these products. However, in this article, we’ll focus on the Palm Tree Washingtonia, queen of interior patios and offices.

Washingtonia Palm The Star of Indoor Patios verdissimo

Colonial-style interior patios

The Palm Tree Washingtonia is the perfect product for creating colonial-style decorative spaces, since it’s both fashionable and never goes out of style. Colonial-style elements are very distinctive: dark-colored wood and plants, especially palms.

These elements, mainly palms, are what give the space a natural, elegant and at the same time, modern feel. This style has changed over time, moving from traditional to innovative.

The Palm Tree Washingtonia is the star of colonial-style decoration. Its intense green shades with traces of ochre, its natural quality, and the stability and strength of its leaves are key to achieving this type of decoration.

The Palm Tree Washingtonia and other decorative styles

If you have a smaller-sized interior patio and don’t want to overload it too much, you can also create a more minimalist space. To achieve this, you can use the Palm Tree Washingtonia as a decorative element, since it gives off calmness, relaxation, elegance, sophistication and great freshness.

The exotic flair of the Palm Tree Washingtonia

The Palm Tree Washingtonia is highly prized plant in the decorative world, because it can transform a simple space into one with exotic and tropical touches. It’s an excellent product for getting a unique and one-of-a-kind patio, making it a highly desired species for interior decoration. The Palm Tree Washingtonia can also be used to decorate larger spaces.

Why decorate my interior patio with a preserved Palm Tree Washingtonia?

The Palm Tree Washingtonia and the California fan palm are highly recommended products for decorating interior patios, since they’re Verdissimo products capable of filling up a space.

Nowadays, they’re very trendy for decorating interior patios, both for homes and offices. Decorating with palms helps create natural, warm and at the same time, fresh spaces that encourage harmony among all those within the space.

At Verdissimo, we recommend you decorate your interior patio with this type of palm… You won’t regret it!

Decorative projects with the Palm Tree Washingtonia

The Palm Tree Washingtonia is the perfect Verdissimo product for interior decoration projects, both temporary and permanent. As we’ve mentioned before, they’re good products for different decorative styles, especially tropical decor.

Preserved palms are a great option because they hardly require any maintenance to remain in perfect condition. They’re products that retain their beauty over time without needing light or water, which is why they’re perfect for your decorative projects.

At Verdissimo, you’ll find a great variety of preserved flowers and plants for interior decoration. Check out our catalog of preserved plants and flowers.

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