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What are eternal roses?

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What are eternal roses?

Do eternal roses exist? At Verdissimo, we have achieved maintaining and conserving their beauty in such a way that they don’t lose their elegance with the passage of time.

What are preserved roses?

Verdissimo’s exclusive preservation process is a 100% natural technique that maintains the original texture and appearance of flowers, making them always appear fresh.

The preservation process:

  • Each flower is cut when it is at its most beautiful and colourful in Verdissimo’s own fields which are specifically dedicated to the cultivation of plants and flowers.
  • The stems of the recently cut flowers are immediately submerged in a conserving substance which is made from glycerine and other plant components.
  • The sap of the flower is gradually replaced by the liquid until after a few days the process is complete.
  • Then, each flower is examined to remove damaged petals or leaves. The result is a perfect flower, extremely beautiful with a fantastic colour.

Eternal flowers - Verdissimo

Our eternal flowers and roses are so natural!

Roses are the most prized flowers in the world. Their soft velvety feel and their wide range of colours make them the queens of gardens and the stars of all kinds of floral compositions.Eternal red rose - Verdissimo

Preserved roses, enduring and everlasting

Thanks to the preservation technique, it is possible to make compositions with decorative, long-lasting and beautiful flowers. You can enjoy indoor flowers and plants that are resistant and don’t need to be watered or cared for.

Decorating with roses is something that is deeply rooted in all cultures and corners of the world. Roses are considered one of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers that exist and their history is full of symbolism. Giving a bunch of roses or decorating with fresh roses is very common. The problem with fresh roses is that they have a short lifespan, require care, and their petals are extremely delicate. Enduring and everlasting roses.

Preserved roses have all the beauty of a freshly-cut flower and none of the drawbacks. Their incredibly beautiful appearance will remain unchanged for years and years, without needing special care.

In Verdissimo’s catalogue, you will find the most incredible variety of plants, trees, and flowers, although without doubt preserved roses are the real stars of our selection. At Verdissimo, you will find the eternal roses that you are looking for:

V-Rose: The most special flower for the most special person

V-Rose Private Selection (stem) This rose is the most special Verdissimo flower. Coming from our fields in the Andes, these roses are of great size and beauty. The V-Rose Private Selection is perfect for giving as a gift on very special occasions.
Eternal v-rose - Verdissimo
Check out Verdissimo and discover the world of eternal roses!

At Verdissimo you will find a wide variety of preserved flowers and plants

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!


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