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What are the differences between dried flowers and preserved flowers?

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What are the differences between dried flowers and preserved flowers?

Fresh flowers have many virtues, among these is their endless decorative possibilities. The problem, however, is that they have a very short life span.

Dried flowers

There are different techniques to preserve fresh flowers. Probably the best known method is to leave them to dry by dehydrating naturally, placing them face down. Once completely dry, they can undergo a colouration and setting treatment so that they regain some of their original appearance.

Flowers that have undergone this treatment can be used to make certain types of floral decoration, generally those with a rustic or simple appearance.

However, dried plants are not very long-lasting. Their branches and stems break easily, the colour gradually fades and the petals fall off or break.

Preserved flowers

Preservation is also a form of drying, although it is much more sophisticated. The result is completely different. The preservation technique allows flowers to maintain a completely natural appearance and feel, as if they were freshly-cut flowers!

This is achieved as follows: Fresh flowers are cut when they are most beautiful and radiant. Instead of leaving them to dry, they undergo a rehydration process by being placed in a mixture made from glycerine and other plant elements. This liquid gradually rises through the trunk until it completely substitutes the sap. After a few days, the process is complete and the plant is ready to be used.

The final result is a flexible flower with a completely natural appearance. The stabilizzative keeps working for months, or even years! With minimal care, we can enjoy our preserved flower for a long time.

Preserved plants and flowers are the best solution for making all kinds of original and exclusive floral compositions. They are ecological and economic as they are excellent value for money. This makes them the perfect solution for making all kinds of floral art in places that need floral decoration on a regular basis: hotels, restaurants…and, of course, to decorate the home in an exquisite and original way.

When we talk about preserved plants and flowers, there is an important name: Verdissimo, the leading company in the sector. Preservation allows us to obtain a 100% natural product, which is long lasting and has infinite possibilities.

How to work with preserved and dry flowers together

You don´t have to choose to work with one or the other! The good thing about preserved flowers is that they combine perfectly with dry flowers. Many decorators and interior designers combine them to créate arrangements made with plants and flowers that bring that natural touch that preserved flowers can contribute but at a more economic price.

One of the main advantages of compositions that combine preserved and fresh flowers is that when preserved flowers need to be changed (even if they are very lasting, their life is no illimited), it´s not necessary to change all the floral compostion, resulting in an reduced “renovation” price.

The decoration of comercial spaces and restauration combining these two types of flowers are trending more tan ever. The most vanguard trends bet for the rustic touches these dry products bring and the natural and fresh touch of preserved products, making these elements in the absolute protagonist of any space.

Next, we will anwer some of the questions we are sure you have regarding the combination of preserved flowers with dry flowers. Don´t miss it!

Is it posible to combine preserved and dry products?

The possibilities are endless! You can work together with the two products to create true floral masterpieces that can adapt to different decoration styles: boho, farmhouse, country, nordic, minimalist, nautical, ect.

How can I achieve a good combination of dry and preserved flowers?

Choosing the right products! If you choose the right products, the products that match and adapt to the style you are looking fro…it´s done!

Why are preserved flowers cobined with dry flowers and not with natural flowers?

They may also be combined with natural flowers , nevertheless, natural flowers don´t last as lonf and require a lot of maintnance, and that is why it´s better to combine them with dry products.

What types of compositions can be made combining these two products?

Many! You can work with both of these flowers to create green walls of great beauty and originality. To create centerpieces, belts and headdresses for guests at an event, etc.

If you want to know more about preserved products and the options we offer take a look at our extensive catalogue. Because when we talk about preserved plants and flowers there is a name for reference: Verdissimo, the leader company in the sector. Preservation allows us to have a longlasting, 100% natural product with endless possibiities. Don´t forget!


Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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