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What do the colours of preserved orchids mean?

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What do the colours of preserved orchids mean?

Exquisite and refined, they belong to an extensive floral variety, which is found all over the world. There is an incredible range of colours, varieties, sizes and types. In total, there are around 25,000 different varieties catalogued and among these are some of the most beautiful flowers that exist. Orchids are perfect for creating the most beautiful floral arrangements, full of elegance and distinction.

Finding fresh orchids outside their natural habitat is difficult. So as not to deprive us of their beauty, in the 19th century scientists developed some hybrid varieties that give any space or corner an elegant, exotic and refined touch.

The word orchid comes from the Greek orchis (testicle), which refers to its roots’ double tuber form. This is why it is believed that this plant has aphrodisiac powers! In pre-Columbian cultures, the Aztecs used a variety – vanilla – to spice the drink of nobility and warriors, called Xchocoatl. Does it remind you of anything?

Orchids arrived in Europe in the 18th century. Since then, they became one of the favourite flowers of the upper classes. And today, they have become the undisputed goddesses of the most sublime floral art!

Currently, giving someone an orchid means giving beauty and, according to some people, even lust! It is a demonstration of a high level of esteem and admiration, given their high cost. However, thanks to the natural preservation technique, you can enjoy the beauty of these unique flowers for a long time, without needing to water or maintain them.

Well, we here at Verdissimo, the largest producer of preserved plants and flowers, are going to tell you.

Purple orchids

Purple orchids are a symbol of justice, prudence and wisdom. They’re the perfect flowers to give to anybody associated with the law, psychiatry or the Church, or for those who work in justice or social services, though the latter doesn’t follow the strictest sense of the word.

Blue orchids

Blue-colored orchids convey a sense of peace and harmony. They’re the ideal flowers to give your partner or even your co-workers. Blue orchids are also ideal when seeking reconciliation, regardless of with a friend, family member, partner, co-worker, etc.

Pink orchids

Pink orchids declare love, directly and unequivocally. If you want to declare your feelings, do it with pink orchids! They’re a symbol of love between two people. Most commonly, flowers of this color are given to a partner because of their meaning. However, oftentimes they’re chosen for a close family member, such as a mother.

Green orchids

This delicate green color, a symbol of nature, will add an elegant touch to your floral arrangements. Flowers of this color blend well with a lot of products and help create spectacular floral compositions. Green orchids not only represent nature and freshness, but also hope. They’re the perfect gift for those going through difficult times, who need faith and hope for the future.

White orchids

White orchids are a symbol of refinement and purity. That’s why they’re the most suitable for events such as weddings. These flowers can be placed as the main flower in centerpieces, in the church, in the groom’s boutonniere or even in the bride’s bouquet. White orchids will surely be a hit on any special day!

Yellow orchids

If you’re not completely sure about your feelings toward the receiver of your gift, be careful about giving yellow orchids! This color, despite being associated with bad luck, has erotic connotations, far from pure, Christian love.

Red orchids

There’s nothing half-hearted about this color. The color red is a clear and unequivocal declaration of passion. It’s the perfect gift for that special someone in your life and it’s also a way of showing that person your passion. Red orchids represent the mix of love and passion between two people, which makes them a very sensible gift for certain dates of the year, such as February 14, i.e. Valentine’s Day, or anniversaries, etc.

At Verdissimo, you’ll find an immense variety of preserved flowers and plants.

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