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What maintenance does a preserved flower need?

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What maintenance does a preserved flower need?

Preserved flowers are the best alternative to fresh flowers. They are long-lasting, don’t need maintenance and they always look beautiful and stunning, like freshly-cut flowers!

Verdissimo’s products are fresh plants and flowers that have been cut when they are at their most beautiful and which undergo a rehydration process that allows them to maintain the appearance and properties of fresh flowers.

Preservation is a completely natural process that consists of several phases:

  • The cultivated flowers are cut when they are most beautiful and luscious.
  • Once the flowers are cut, the stems are put into a preserving liquid.
  • For several days, the flower absorbs the preserving liquid through its stem until the sap is completely replaced by the preserving liquid.
  • Once the process is complete, each flower undergoes a careful selection process during which imperfect flowers are discarded and dry or damaged leaves and petals are removed.
  • The preserved flower is ready to be enjoyed for a long time!

The preservation process allows the flower to maintain its original appearance, feel and softness. This means that plants and flowers that have undergone the preservation treatment maintain their original colour and flexibility for many months so that you can enjoy making your floral art compositions!

Thanks to this process, a high-quality product is obtained, which is perfect for making long-lasting and original floral compositions.

As preserved products do not need special care or conditions, they are perfect for making long-lasting floral arrangements in places that need floral decoration on a regular basis: hotels, event halls, restaurants, churches, hospitals…

And, of course, they result in big savings, as preserved flowers and plants are long-lasting products that also don’t need special maintenance or care.

Beautiful and long-lasting

Fresh flowers are extremely fragile and delicate. They need constant attention, watering and special light and ventilation conditions. Once cut, they have a very short lifespan.

Preserved plants do not have any of these inconveniences as the preservation process allows them to maintain their fresh and beautiful appearance for many months.

Now you can update the floral decoration in your house or workplace with long-lasting preserved products. Forget constant watering, the need for direct sunlight or the cost that constantly changing withered flowers entails. With Verdissimo, you can enjoy the beauty of fresh plants without having to put up with their inconveniences!

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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