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Why opt for preserved flowers?

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Why opt for preserved flowers?

Floral decoration instantly transforms any environment without needing to change furniture or alter spaces. Flower arrangements are more important than we think. At Verdissimo we believe that preserved flowers are the most economic, natural, and ecological alternative. What do you think?
If you think of hotels, restaurants or any public place, floral art is seen here and there. These kinds of floral compositions are created by specialist professionals. Their goal is to create exclusive, refined, intimate or cosy atmospheres, depending on the place.
Naturally, the most beautiful and ornamental pieces are fresh flowers. Any important event or occasion is immediately given a lift with stunning, fresh flowers of great colour and beauty.
However, fresh flowers are not a good option in many cases:

  • Hospitals
  • Pediatric wards
  • Waiting rooms
  • Places without natural light
  • Dry places
  • Etc.

Fresh flowers need daily care and attention. These drawbacks, together with their short lifespan, make them an expensive decorative element, which is difficult to maintain.
Preserved flowers are the perfect alternative for places where floral decoration is used regularly like hotels, receptions, convention halls, churches, hospitals, etc.

Why choose preserved flowers?

Preserved flowers are 100% natural. They undergo a preservation treatment when they are at their most beautiful and radiant. Recently-cut flowers are placed in containers which hold a special liquid. The plants absorb this liquid through their stems as if it were sap. In this way they maintain the same appearance as freshly-cut flowers for months or years.
These flowers maintain and even surpass the colour and beauty of fresh plants and have a similar feel to fresh flowers. Flowers and plants treated in this way conserve all the positive properties of fresh flowers and have none of the drawbacks. This makes them the perfect choice for decorative pieces:

  • They allow us to make long-lasting floral compositions, impossible to make with fresh flowers: murals, centrepieces, artistic compositions, hanging garlands…
  • You can enjoy rare and exotic flowers without fearing that they will wilt
  • Ecological: They don’t need any maintenance or products
  • They can be placed anywhere, without direct sunlight
  • It is not necessary to water them, use fertilizers, or any other kind of product
  • Economic: Fantastic value for money for every plant and floral arrangement. Preserved flowers and plants don’t wilt and will remain perfect for a long time.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved roses!

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