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Young Forever: Advantages of preservation

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Young Forever: Advantages of preservation - Verdissimo

Young Forever: Advantages of preservation

Preservation is a natural rehydration process that allows fresh plants and flowers to maintain their natural properties and appearance for a long time.

Young Forever: Advantages of preservation - Verdissimo

To preserve a plant, the sap is replaced by a special liquid product that is made from glycerine and other natural ingredients. The cut plants absorb this liquid through their stems for several days. Once the period of rehydration is complete, the plants undergo a rigorous inspection, during which damaged pieces are removed in order to obtain a high-quality product. The preservation process is complete and the plants are ready to be used as long-lasting decorative elements!

As a result, a product with a 100% natural appearance is obtained, apt for all kinds of interiors. Preserved flowers and plants don’t need sunlight or water and are a beautiful, economic and versatile decorative element.

Unlike fresh flowers, external conditions do not affect preserved flowers, although extreme conditions can alter their properties. In order that they maintain their colour and beauty intact for a long time, we at Verdissimo advise avoiding where possible sudden temperature changes and direct exposure to sunlight.

There is nothing like floral art made with fresh plants and flowers. Plant decoration has been used for thousands of years and has many benefits. A single rose in a vase creates a relaxed, peaceful and cosy atmosphere, which favours rest and concentration. Flowers improve your mood and even make your body produce endorphins, also known as “happy glands”.
Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to have a floral arrangement made with freshly-cut flowers. In some places like hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens or places where there are people with allergies, it isn’t possible to have fresh flowers. Also, fresh plants need sunlight, water and care, something which is not always possible in indoor spaces.

Fresh flowers are beautiful but ephemeral. The need to change them constantly is an added expense for places that need floral decoration on a regular basis. This is the case for hotels, convention and banquet halls, or rooms without direct sunlight.

Maintenance of preserved plants

Although the preservation technique makes treated products extremely resistant, there are a few basic precautions to take so that your floral compositions last as long as possible without being damaged or changing.

  • Avoid sudden temperatura changes
  • Don’t water them, wet them or expose them to moisture
  • Avoid excessively humid places
  • Don’t expose them to direct sunlight so that they don’t lose their colour
  • Keep them away from dust. Clean them gently with a hand dryer


Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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